William Prebble

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Baptised: 1 Oct 1797 Buried: 9 Apr 1851 Married: Elizabeth Vincer Mother: Elizabeth Noble Father: George Prebble Descendant: Eliza Prebble
Census 1841 1851 1861 1871 1881 1891 1901 1911 1921


William Prebble was born in about 1797 in Stouting (maybe Stowting today) in Kent (ref 1851 census), which is 7km from Mersham.

William Prebble was baptised in Stouting, Kent, on the 1st October 1797. His father was George Prebble, and his mother was Elizabeth.


William Prebble (bachelor) married Elizabeth Vincer at St John the Baptist, Mersham Kent on the 10th April 1819. The witnesses were John Vincer, Susannah Crouch, Edward Vincer, and John Finn.


  • Eliza Prebble, baptised 5th Dec 1819 (Mersham, Kent)
  • Charles Prebble, baptised 26 Aug 1821 (Mersham, Kent)
  • William George Prebble, baptised 12 Feb 1823 (Mersham, Kent)
  • John Vincer Prebble, baptised 31 Jul 1825 (Mersham, Kent), buried in Mersham 27 May 1826 at 10 months (living in London).
  • Mary Prebble ~1829
  • Ellen Prebble ~ 1832
  • Betsy Prebble ~ 1834
  • George Prebble, baptised 7 Aug 1836 (Mersham, Kent)
  • Henry Prebble ~ 1838
  • Louisa Prebble ~ 1840

When his son John Vincer Prebble was buried in Mersham, the abode was listed as London, so it looks like the family were either living in London or visiting.

Pigot's 1840 directory lists William Prebble at the Farriers' Arms in Mersham, Kent.

On the night of the night of 6 June 1841 he is living at the Farrier's Arms pub in Forstal, Mersham, Kent, he is listed as a Publican (many other records list him as a brewer also). With him are his wife, and 8 others who are likely his children: Eliza (~20), William (~15), Mary (12), Ellen (9), Betsy (7), George (5), Henry (3) and Louisa (11 months).

Bagshaw's 1847 directory lists William Prebble as the victualler at the Farrier's Arms in Mersham.

By the night of 30 March 1851 William was living with his family at Hill Street, Hackney. He is no longer a publican, now he is a Stationer. Their daughter Eliza is no longer living with them.


William was buried at St John's Hackney, Middlesex on the 9th April 1851, he was 54 years old.

The church register lists him as William Pribble (with an i) living at Hill Street.

Other Records

  • Susanna Prebble, living in Mersham, was buried in Mersham on the 15th August 1824, she was 2 months old.
  • Elizabeth Prebble. living in Mersham, was buried in Mersham on the 4th August 1829, at the age of 2 years old.
  • One William Prebble married an Elizabeth Pettegreus on the 1st October 1827 at Saint John, Eltham, Kent (this can't be a remarriage of our William as this one was listed as a bachelor)
  • One William Prebble was listed in the Country Directories as being the victualler for the Cock in Wilmington (next to Dartford) in Kent.

There is an article in the West Kent Guardian on the 22 Dember 1849 about a debtor called William Prebble who had resided near Ashford, Kent.