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Census entries for the Walmisley branch of the family.

The dates of the census were:

  • 1841 was the night of 6 June 1841.
  • 1851 was the night of 30 March 1851.
  • 1861 was the night of 7 April 1861.
  • 1871 was the night of 2 April 1871.
  • 1881 was the night of 3 April 1881 .
  • 1891 was the night of 5 April 1891.
  • 1901 was the night of 31 March 1901.
  • 1911 was the night of 2 April 1911.

1841 - Westminster - John Walmisley

On the night of 6 June 1841 here is John Angus Walmisley and his wife Anna Maria Lambert living with their son John Richard Lambert Walmisley.

1841 - North Street, St John The Evangelist, Westminster, Middlesex, England. (Pro Ref: )
Name Age Profession Birth Place
John Walmisley 45* Parliamentary Agent Middlesex
Anna Walmisley 40* - Outside Middlesex, Inside England
John Walmisley 22 Solicitor Middlesex
George Walmisley 21 Clerk Middlesex
Philip Walmisley 19 - Middlesex
Charles Walmisley 14 - Middlesex

1841 - Tavistock Row, Westminster - Augustine Graff

Here is Marie Girault living in England the same year that she was married to John Walmisley. We know that it is the right person as her marriage certificate also says that she is living in Tavistock Row. And we know that she had two daughters called Gabrielle and Emma. In 1901 there is an Alexandrina Girault living with a Gabrielle Girault (both born in France) and a Marie G. Graff (born in London).

But who is John Graff? Is it her husband? But we believed that she was married to Charles Louis Auguste Girault... Perhaps it is a brother-in-law? I suspect that, given this John is born in Middlesex (not France) and is a solicitor, this is her future husband John Walmisley (while the age is given as 25, not 22, in theory the ages in the 1841 census should be rounded to 5 years).

Census 1841 Augustine Graff crop.jpg
1841 - Tavistock Row, St Paul Covent Garden, Westminster, Middlesex, England. (Pro Ref: HO 107 Piece:741 Book:3 Folio:12 Page: 17 )
Name Age Profession Birth Place
Aram Alexander 60* Authour Foreign Parts
John Mill 60* Ind Middlesex
Susan Williams 25* Ind England (outside Middlesex)
John Graff 25 Solicitor Middlesex
Augustin Graff 32 - Foreign Parts
Gabial Graff 10 - Foreign Parts
Alexandrana Graff 11 - Foreign Parts
Emma Graff 4 - Foreign Parts

1851 - Kensington - John Richard Lambert Walmisley

The night of 30 March 1851.

1851 - 4 The Grange, Brompton, Kensington, Middlesex, England. (Pro Ref: HO107/1469/248 Page 43)
Name Relation Status Age Profession Birth Place
John Rd. L. Walmisley Head M 32 Parliamentary Agent Westminster?, Middlesex, England
Marie Augustine Walmisley Wife M 38 - France, B.S.
Gabrielle Augustine Walmisley Daughter U 18 Scholar at home France, B.S.
Emma Walmisley Daughter U 12 Scholar France, B.S.
John George Charles Walmisley Son U 9 Scholar at Home Middlesex, Westminster
Augustine Anna Walmisley Daughter U 7 Scholar Middlesex, Westminster
Philip Walter Walmisley Son U 5 Scholar Middlesex, Westminster
Martina Savage? Servant U 11 House Servant Norwich, Cossey
Elizabeth Floyd Servant U 12 House Servant Hertfordshire, Stevenage?

1851 - Westminster - John Angus Walmisley

1851 - 170 Bessborough Gardens, Belgrave Road, Westminster, St John The Evangelist, Middlesex, England. (Pro Ref: HO 107/1479/934 p38)
Name Relation Status Age Profession Birth Place
John A. Walmisley Head Widowed 57 Parliamentary Agent St Johns Westms
Maria S. Walmisley Daughter U 27 - St Johns Westms
Charles M. Walmisley Son U 24 Clerk to his Father St Johns Westms
Isabella M. Walmisley Daughter U 21 - St Johns Westms
Walter M. Walmisley Son U 19 Clerk to a Broker St Johns Westms
Mary A. E. Walker Servant U 26 Cook Lambeth, Surrey
Margaret F. Walker Servant U 15 Housemaid St Johns Westms

1851 - Bromley - Mary Baxter nee Walmisley

Mary Walmisley - when her father William Walmisley retired, he came to live with her in Bromley, where he died in 1819. Here she is still living in Bromley, also with her sister Elizabeth, who died here 6 years later in 1857.

1851 - High Street, Bromley
Name Relation Status Age Profession Birth Place
William Baxter Head Married 56 Chemist & Druggist Chislehurst, Kent
Mary Baxter Wife Married 53 Westminster
Elizabeth Walmisley Baxter Daughter U 24 Bromley, Kent
William Walmisley Baxter Son U 21 Bromley, Kent
Elizabeth Walmisley Wife's Sister U 69 Fund Holder Westminster
Henry W. Tyler Assistant U 21 Chemist & Druggist Assistant Denton, Lincolnshire
Sarah Swindell Servant U 21 Orpington, Kent
Elizabeth Leney Servant U 16 Westerham, Kent

1861 - Westminster - John Angus Walmisley

1861 - 6 Bessboro' Gardens, Westminster, St John The

Evangelist, Middlesex, England. (Pro Ref: )

Name Relation Status Age Profession Birth Place
John Angus Walmisley Head Widowed 69 Parliamentary Agent Middlesex, England
Charles MacKennon Walmisley Son - 34 Capt. ?? 6th ?? Rifle Volunteers Middlesex, England
Isabella? Amelia Walmisley Daughter Un 28 - Middlesex, England
Agnes Bennet Servant Un 28 Domestic Servant Middlesex, England

1861 - Chelsea - Augustine Walmisley

1861 - 6 Limerston Street, Chelsea, London, England. (Pro Ref RG9/33/18 Page 31)
Name Relation Status Age Profession Birth Place
Augustine Walmisley (Phillip crossed out) Wife (Head) Married 49 Independent Paris, France, British Subject
Emma Walmisley Daughter U 21 - London, Middlesex
John G?. L?. D?. Walmisley Son U 19 Scholar London, Middlesex
Augustine A. M. Walmisley Daughter U 17 Scholar London, Middlesex
Phillip W? E? Walmisley Son U 15 Scholar London, Middlesex
Ellen Clifford Servant U 14 Servant London, Middlesex

1871 - Chelsea - Augustine Walmisley

1871 - (?) Limerston Street, Chelsea, London, England. (Pro Ref RG10/79/32

Page 55)

Name Relation Status Age Profession Birth Place
Augustine Walmisley Wife (Head) M 60 Income from house property Paris, France
Emma M. Graff Daughter U 32 - Golden Square, Middlesex

1871 - Preston House - John Richard Lambert Walmisley

1871 - Preston House, Preston, Harrow, Middlesex, England.
Name Relation Status Age Profession Birth Place
John Walmisley Head Married 52 Solicitor Middlesex
John Walmisley Son Unmarried 21 Scholar Middlesex
Richard Walmisley Son 15 Scholar Middlesex

1881 - Ealing - Augustine Walmisley

This entry shows Augustine Walmisley (senior, a.k.a. Maria). We assume that she is the mother of Augustine Richardson's (nee Walmisley), since she has the same name, is the wife of a solicitor (we know John R L Walmisley was a solicitor) and her daughter has the same surname as one of the witnesses at Augustine Walmisley's (junior) wedding.

1881 - 22 Bedford Terrace, Ealing, Middlesex, England.(Pro Ref RG11 Piece 1345 Folio 72 Page 33)
Name Relation Status Age Profession Birth Place
Augustine Walmisley Wife (Head) M 74 Wife of Solicitor Paris F, France
Emma M. Girault Daughter U 42 - London, Middlesex

1881 - Glamorgan - Gabrielle Graffe Girault

This entry shows Gabrielle Girault, who was one of the witnesses to Augustine Walmisley's wedding. We assume that she is in fact Augustine's half-sister, given the entry shown above.

1881- Rectory, Ilston, Glamorgan, Wales (Pro Ref Rg11 Piece 5368 Folio 35 Page 1)
Name Relation Status Age Profession Birth Place
Sterling Bendri Westhorp Head M 51 Rector of Ilston B.A. Camb Sibton, Suffolk
Henrietta Westhorp Wife M 48 - London, Middlesex
Agnes Katherine Westhorp Daughter U 16 - Brampton, Suffolk
Gabrielle Graffe Girault Governess U 41 Governess Teacher Paris
Elizabeth James Servant U 38 Parlour Maid Domestic Swansea, Glamorgan
Sarah Ann Jones Servant U 26 Cook Hertford, England
Annie Williams Servant U 16 House Maid Clyro, Radnorshire, Wales