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Born: 23 Sep 1794 Died: 8 March 1849 Married: John Angus Walmisley Mother: Father: Lt. Col. Lambert Descendant: Augustine Walmisley
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Anna Maria Lambert was the daughter of Lieutenant Colonel William Lambert, and was born on the 23rd September 1794 in Tannah, India.

She married John Angus Walmisley in 1816. She died on the 8th March 1849 at the age of 53 (according to the obituary, or 54 if her birth date is believed).

In 1841 she was living with her husband at North Street, St John The Evangelist, Westminster, Middlesex. Also with them was their children John (22), George (21), Philip (19), and Charles (14). The census says that she was born outside of Middlesex, but inside England, but this could be an oversight (if she was in fact born in India).


According to the will of Lieutenant Colonel William Lambert (as written in his probate in 1806) she was born in Tannah, India on the 23rd September 1794. This is a year earlier than her obituaries would indicate (claiming that she was 53).

According to the same source she had a brother Harry Lambert, born on the 4th May 1792.

Family oral histories record that her mother was a Pharsee or Parsee (a community of people who migrated to India from Persia in the 7th Century).

There is much circumstantial evidence that this is the case, and possibly that her parents might not have been married at the time of her birth:

  • she was born in Tannah in India
  • the will of her father Lieutenant Colonel William Lambert did not mention a wife.
  • his will referred to his children as “my natural children"
  • the phrase "natural born" is often used to mean born out of wedlock, he doesn't use the exact phrase here
  • this appeared to be common, there is a potential second brother of her father, called Peter Lambert who had children with "his girl" who was Indian.


Anna Maria married John Angus Walmisley on the 6th September 1816 at St Johns Thanet (Margate) in Kent.

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In the European Magazine and London Review, Volume 70:
Sept 6. Mr. John Angus Walmisley , son of Mr. Walmisley, clerk of the papers of the House of Lords, to Anna Maria, daughter of the late Lieutenant-colonel Lambert of the East India Company's service.

Similarly in the Asiatic Journal and Monthly Register for British and Foreign India, China, and Australia, 1816:

At Margate, John, son of Wm. Walmsley, Esq. clerk of the papers to the House of Lords, to Anna Maria, only daughter to the late Lieut. Col. Lambert, of the East-india Company's service.


They had the following children, christened at St Margaret's Westminster:

  • Maria Amelia Walmisley (b.27 May 1817, c. 30 July 1817) daughter of John Angus and Anna Maria, Gt. Queen Street, Gent.
  • John Richard Lambert Walmisley (b. 6th April 1818, c. 9th June 1818) son of John Angus and Anna Maria, Gt. Queen Street, Gent.
  • George Augustus Walmisley (1820-1896) b. 3 Jan 1820, c. 19 Apr 1820) son of John Angus and Anna Maria, Smith Square, Gentleman
  • Philip Moss Walmisley (b. 19 Nov 1821, c. 14 Jan 1822) son of John Angus and Anna Maria, Smith Square, Gentleman
  • Maria Selina Walmisley (b. 11 July 1823, c. 8 Aug 1823) daughter of John Angus and Anna Maria, Smith Square, Gent.
  • Charles MacKennon Walmisley (1827-1878)
  • Isabella Amelia Walmisley (1829-1917), b. 6th July 1829, c. 5 Nov 1829, daughter of John Angus and Anna Maria, Smith Square, Gentleman
  • Walter Milbanke Walmisley ~1832-1915), b. North St, Smith Square, London, d. 3 Grosvenor Avenue, Carshalton
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Christening Philip Moss Walmisley 1821.jpg


Anna Maria Walmisley died on the 8th March 1849, aged 53, at 59 King's Road, Brighthelmstone, after suffering pneumonia for 7 days Brighthelmstone was the official name of Brighton until 1810, and still the parish name used in the census in 1841. The registry of her death lists her occupation as wife of John Angus Walmisley, parliamentary agent of 7 Clapham Rise. The informant was John King Dingle, of 38 Bloomsbury Place, Marina Parade, Brighton, who was present at her death, and registered it on the 9th March 1849.

Death AnnaMariaWalmisley 8Mar1849.jpg

In the Obituary section of "The Gentleman's Magazine" in 1849: "March 8. At Brighton, Anna-Maria, wife of John Angus Walmisley, esq. of Clapham-rise."

Also in the London Standard on the 15th March 1849:

Obituary Anna Maria Walmisley London Standard 15 March 1849.jpg

She was buried on the 15th March 1849 at the South Metropolitan Cemetery (now known as West Norwood) at the age of 53. Her residence was listed as Clapham Rises Surrye (removed from Brighton). Buried by a Rev. from St John's, Clapham Rises.

Death Anna Maria Walmisley 15 March 1849.jpg

In 1851, 59 King's Road was Belvidere house, the head was a Joseph Staley, a lodging house keeper (also staying there was a Primrose Elphistone from the East Indies - in 1841 she was living with a James Welch/Welsh in the service of the east india company - A James Welsh was in the 3rd Native Regiment, William Lambert was in the 6th Native regiment, hmm)

Hypotheses about her father

What do we know for sure about the father of Anna Maria Lambert?

  • He was called Lieutenant Colonel Lambert (from the marriage announcement).
  • He was born between 1700-1780 (given his daughter was born in ~1796)
  • He was married before 1796 (assuming his daughter was born in wedlock - which appears to be a false assumption)
  • He died between 1796 and 1818 (he was dead before her wedding)
  • He was a Lt. Col. in the East India company (which strangely a lot of Walmisleys were)
  • He lived outside of Middlesex, but inside England when she was born (this might be a false record as well).
  • He had a daughter called Anna Maria
  • she was his only daughter
  • another source says he was Colonel William Lambert.

Possible candidates:

Someone's tree has him born in 1760 and died in 1810.

A Captain William Lambert was deputy commisary of stores in Tannah in Bombay in 1798 William Lambert was a Major in the Sixth Regiment Native Infantry on the 6th March 1800 (at Tannah Deputy commissioner of stores). A William Lambert died in 10 August 1817 Frederick Lambert, Burial Date: 13 Jul 1813, Burial Place: Fort St. George, Madras, India

14 December 1812, 82d ditto, To be lieutenants: Robert Latham vice Lambert deceased.

The Oxford Dictionary of National Biography has an entry for Henry which starts

'Lambert, Henry (d. 1813), naval officer, younger son of Captain Robert Lambert (d. 1810), '

On the otherhand John Lambert's entry in ODof NB begins

'Lambert, Sir John (1772–1847), army officer, was born on 28 April 1772, the son of Captain Robert Alexander Lambert RN (c.1732–1801), '

William Emsden Lambert died in India

Madras G.L.Lambert Captain of in 1805, Major of in 1817, 12 years of service

War-Office, May 26, 1801. Battalion of the £2d Foot. Lieutenant-Colonel the Honorable Philip Cocks to be Captain of a Company, vice Juefl'ie. Captain John Lambert to be Captain-Lieutenant, vice Cocks. Ensign George Elrington to be Lieutenant, vice Lambert.

26 July 1794 3d Regiment of Foot, Major Oliver Lambert to be Major, without Purchase, vice Riehar-jso •, promoted in the 64th Foot.

3 Nov 1803 To be Lieutenant: George Anthony Lambert, Gent

14 June 1808: %2dDilto,'Lieutenant Thomas Lambert, from the Westmeath Militia, to be Ensign.

Edmund Lambert, from Mary la bonn, middlesex, wife sophia, sister susan mary ??oman, brother the reverend edward lambert, sister deborah lambert 7 sep 1808

Ensign Edward Lambert to be Lieutenant, by purchase, vice Fi-eetii. Dated April 17, 1817.

To be Lieutenant Colonels in the Army: Major Peter W. Lambert, of the &th Foot. Dated June .4, 1813.

Pursuant to a Decree of the High Court of Chan- _„ eery, made in a Cause Lambert and others against Coclierdl and others, the Creditors and Legatees of Edmund Lambert, formerly of the Parish of Saint Mary-le-Bonc, "in t)io County of Middlesex, afterwards of Long Melford, in the County of" Suffolk, and since of Wrest. Lavington, in the bounty of Wilts, and of the City of Bath, Esq. a Lieutenant- Colonel in the Honourable East India Company's service, deceased, (who died in the month of .Tune 1808,) yrc forthwith to come iw and prove their debts and claim their legacies, before Francis Paul Stratford, Esq. one of the Musti'rs of the said Court, at his Chambers, in Southamptou- Bitiltlings, Chancery-Lane, London, or in default thereof tlici' will be excluded ths benefit of .the sjitid Decree.

Intenture of apprenticeship Jonathan Lambert of Thames St. to his father William Lambert, Butcher. 5 March 1795. London Metropolitan Archives: City of London, not available at The National Archives

11th December 1799 St Marylebone Middlesex Robert Lambert Esquire bachelor of the parish Charlotte Pigou spinster of the parish married by licence Both signed Witnesses Frederick Pigou and Sophia ?

First name(s) Last name Birth year Baptism year Place Presidency


Lambert 1794 1794 Fort William Bengal


BMD:Death: Jan-Feb-Mar 1849, Brighton, Sussex, East Sussex, Volume 7, Page 247).

Other Records

Potentially unrelated Lambert records:

Finningley, Nottinghamshire, England: Ann Lambert, b.18 Jan 1796, c.23 May 1796. f.William Lambert m.Mary Slack. pgf. Thomas Lambert, pgm Mary mgf George Slack

St John, Croydon, Surrey, England: Ann Lambert b.30 Jan 1795, c. 8 Mar 1795, f. William Lambert, m.Ann

Another Anna Maria Lambert had banns with Joseph Hawker in St Martin in the Fields, Middlesex in 24 April 1836. Either a coincidental name, or maybe a niece? Probably the former as there seem to be a lot of Anna Maria Lamberts in the world.

One Anna Maria was baptised in Bombay, India on the 25th January 1795. Parents names are not included in the record transcript.