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Born: 1745 Died: 17 Dec 1819 Married: Mary Jackson Mother: Father: Descendant: John Angus Walmisley

Born around 1745.

The obituary of his son John Angus Walmisley said: "He was the youngest of the sons of William Walmisley, Esq., Clerk of the Papers of the House of Lords, the descendant of one of the ancient English territorial families whose estates were situated at Atherstone, in Warwickshire."

First Marriage

I'm currently uncertain who his first wife was, but whoever she was, she died before 1778.

William Walmisley of the parish of Esher, Surrey, married Sarah Jennings, of this parish, a minor, by license from the Archbishop of Canterbury (by and with the consent of William Winter the guardian of the said minor) on the 20th November 1773 at St James, Piccadilly, Westminster.

Both signed the register, and William's signature is similar, but not identical to the signature on his later marriage to Mary Jackson. The differences might be due to different pens or different size of area to write in. But some letters are different nonetheless. Looking at the parish registers for Esher, Surrey, no Walmisley's were born in Esher in 1745 (or +-5 years), so whoever this Walmisley was, he must have only been staying there, not born there.

The witnesses were Richard Chinery and Caroline Chinery.

Signature WmWalmisley MaryJackson.png
Signature WmWalmisley SarahJennings.jpg

A Sarah Walmsley was buried at Southwark, St John, Horsleydown on the 14 Nov 1776 (now Bermondsey, Southwark - 3 miles across the river from St Margaret's)

An Elizabeth Walmisley was buried at St Margaret, Westminster in 1776. All gravestones were removed from St Margaret's in 1881.

Second Marriage

William married Mary Jackson on the 15th March 1778 by banns at St Margaret's, Westminster. He was a widower, and she was a spinster. Both signed the register, in the presence of George Hall and James Fox.


William and Mary had five sons and two daughters:

  • Edward George Walmisley (b.26 Dec 1778, d. 19 Sept 1835) (see section at end of John Angus Walmisley)
  • William Walmisley (b. 9 May 1780, d. 1822)
  • Elizabeth Walmisley (b.3 May 1781, c. 27 May 1781, d. 29 June 1857) D. of Wm. by Mary, (St Margaret, Westminster)
  • Thomas Forbes Walmisley - b. 22 May 1783, c. 15 June 1783 (St Margaret, Westminster), d. 23 Jul 1866, born in Union Street (Renamed St. Margaret's Street), Westminster.
  • Robert Walmisley (b.28 Jan 1786, c.26 Feb 1786 (St John The Evangelist, Westminster), d.1 Dec 1843
  • Mary Walmisley - b.15 Dec 1787, c. 14 Jan 1788 (St John The Evangelist, Westminster), d. 19 April 1859 (Mason's Hill, Bromley, Kent aged 71)
  • John Angus Walmisley - b. 23 Nov 1791, c. 18 Dec 1791 (St John The Evangelist, Westminster)

St John, Smith Square is only 0.4 miles from St Margaret's, Westminster.

In 1805 he was listed in the London Tax List as living at North Street, St John the Evangelist, Westminster (the assessed and exonerated value was £1 2s. 6d.) And on the 12th November 1806 he was living at 14 North Street, Westminster ("Gentleman").


William retired to the small market town of Bromley in Kent, ten miles from London, where his daughter Mary had married a pharmacist named Baxter.

William Walmisley died on the 17th January 1819 at Bromley, Kent.

He is buried in the St Peter and St Paul Churchyard, Church Road, Bromley, London.

His memorial says:

      Sacred to the Memory
    William Walmisley Esquire
        42 years a Clerk in 
        the Parliament Office, 
  nearly 20 Years of which period
      he held the.Situation of
       Clerk of the Papers of 
        The House of Lords.
       He departed this Life on
     the 17th day of January 1819
      in the 74th Year of his Age.
  MARY Relict of the above
  Who died 4th April 1822
     in the 72nd Year
      of her Age
    Elizabeth Walmisley
  Eldest daughter of the above
  Who died on the 29th June 185(7)
        At 76

Obituary in the Times 19 January 1819:

On Sunday last, at his house, Bromley, Kent, in the 74th year of his age, William Walmisley, Esq., nearly 20 years clerk of the papers of the House of Lords, after a painful and protracted illness, which he bore with that piety and resignation which always distinguished this good man during the whole of his life.

Obituary of his son, also called William Walmisley, the Times, April 19, 1822: On Tuesday last, aged 42, Mr. Wm. Walmisley, for 26 years a clerk in the Parliament office, leaving a widow and four young children.


From the "Biographical Notes on Clerks in the House of Lords 1800 to 1939.":


Clerk 1777–99

(MI Bromley, Kent; RK (1781), 67; (1799), 68).

Copying Clerk 1799–17 Jan. 1819 (RK (1800), 32; (1819), 44).

Died 17 Jan. 1819. Parentage unknown.

First cousin of Edward Blackstock, Copying Clerk 1765–99.

Father of:

  • Edward George Walmisley
  • William Walmisley (died 1822)
  • and Robert Walmisley.

Grandfather of William Elyard Walmisley and Henry Walmisley (qq.v.).

Born about 1745 being in 74th year at death. Married (2) 15 Mar. 1778 Mary (died 4 Apr. 1822), daughter of Thomas Jackson of Bewdley, Worcs.

Westminster Abbey Registers, ed. J.L. Chester (Harleian Society, x, 1876), 462 n. 5; Westminster Register, ii, 960; Marriage Register of St Margaret’s, Westminster; Monumental Inscription, Bromley, Kent.

Other Information

Chapter 8. The Parliamentary Office in the Early Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries: Biographical Notes on Clerks in the House of Lords 1800 to 1939.

21 Jul 2015 - 5th son of Richard Congreve of Congreve, Staffs and Mary Anne, ...... 1816 Anna Maria, daughter of Colonel William Lambert E.I.C.S and died 6 Feb. 1862. John Angus Walmisley was educated at Westminster and was a ...

Dictionary of National Biography:

Walmisley, Thomas Forbes (1783-1866), glee composer and organist, third son of William Walmisley, clerk of the papers to the House of Lords, was born in Union (now St. Margaret's) Street, Westminster, 22 May 1783. He, like all his brothers, was a chorister in Westminster Abbey, and he was a scholar at Westminster School from 1793 to 1798. He studied music under the Hon. John Spencer and Thomas Attwood [q.v.], the pupil of Mozart, and was assisstant organist to the Female Orphan Asylum from 1810 to 1814. ...

... Walmisley died on 23 July 1866, and was buried in the family grave at Brompton cemetary. In 1810 he married the eldest daughter of William Capon (1757-1827) [q.v.], draughtsman to the Duke of York. His eldest son, Thomas Attwood Walmisley [q.v.] whose 'Cathedral Music' he edited in 1857, predeceased him.


  • One William Walmisley married Mary Holloway on the 16th February 1768 in Westminster

Wrong William Walmisleys

One William Walmesly was christened on the 7th April 1745 in Bermonsey, the son of John (a mason) and Sarah Walmesly. However, this might not be the right Walmesley as on the 20th May 1745 a William Walmesley (child) was buried at the same church. Plus our William was known to have descended from Warwickshire, not Bermonsey.


  • 18 November 1746, Mary Walmesly, daughter of Jonathan (Mason) and Sarah Walmesly
  • b. 15 June 1760, c. 22 June 1760, Thomas Walmesly, son of Jonathan (stone mason) and Sarah Walmesly.

Also a stillborn child of one William Walmisley living at Wood Street, St John The Evangelist, Westminster, was buried on the 12th July 1819.