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Born: 6 Oct 1837 Died: 24th March 1907 Married: John Francis Mother: Hannah Pocock Father: William Hyde Descendant: Edwin Francis
Census 1841 1851 1861 1871 1881 1891 1901 1911 1921

Hannah Hyde (or Hide) was born on the 5th October 1837 in Thatcham, in Berkshire, England.


Hannah Hide was born on the 6th October 1837 at Thatcham, Newbury, Berkshire, England.

Her father was William Hide (labourer) and her mother was Hannah Pocock.

Birth entry for Hannah Hide

Her marriage register entry says that her father was William Hyde. She was christened in Thatcham a few weeks later:

Christening Date: 29 Oct 1837
Christening Place: Thatcham, Berkshire, England
Father's Name: William Hide
Mother's Name: Hannah Hide

In 1841 she is living in Shaw, Newbury, her father is a corn porter (although in this census she is listed as Hellen - but she has the right age, and there is no Hellen Hyde in the 1851 census).

In 1851 she is living at the White House pub in Speen, Newbury, Berkshire. Her father is the publican there, and she was 13 years old and living with her 7 brothers and sisters.

But there is also a Hannah Hyde (single) alive in 1911 who was born in 1838 in Thatcham, Berkshire. So there may be more than one born then. That might be Hannah Hide baptised 11 Jun 1837 to James Hide and Maria Hide.

Hannah HIDE Q4, 1837, Newbury, Berkshire vol. 6, p.166.

First Marriage

She married George Willis in 1860 (Marriages Mar 1860, Newbury v.2c p.301: Hannah Hyde & George Willis), and she then has a daughter Katherine Ann Willis (Jun Q 1860 Henley v.3a p.498)

But her husband George Willis died one year later in 1861 (Mar 1861 George Willis, Henley v.3a p.355).

Hannah Hyde (the future Hannah Francis) married George Willis in 1860, but then he died less than a year later. Here she is already a widow, living with her husband's parents in Nuffield, about 22 miles from Speen.

So by 1861 she is living 22 miles away from her family in Gangsdown Hill, Nuffield, Oxfordshire with the parents of her dead husband, John and Harriet Willis.

Thus she was a widow when she married John Francis, a blacksmith, in 1865.

Second Marriage

On the 21st January 1865 she married John Francis, in the parish church of Nuffield. The register of her marriage says that she was a widow from Nuffield whose father was William Hyde, a corn dealer.

John's occupation is given as blacksmith, and his father is listed as William Francis (also a blacksmith).

The witnesses who signed the register were a Henry Francis and a Jane Willis.

On the night of 2 April 1871 is 32 years old, and is living with her family at Stoke Row, Oxfordshire. Her husband John Francis is still a blacksmith, and three of her children are living with her: William Francis (5), Sarah Francis (3), and Katherine A. Willis (10).

In 1881, she was 42 and living at 1 Newland Lane, Ipsden, Oxford, with her husband and children John, Sarah, William, and Edwin.

On the night of 5 April 1891 Hannah (53) is living with her husband and son at the Common, Stoke Row.

In 1901 Hannah is 62 and still living with John in Ipsden, at a place called the Grove. She is there with her husband, and her son Edwin who is 22. Her other children (William, Sarah, John) have moved to Reading where they are running a butcher's shop.


Hannah died on the 24th March 1907, and was buried at St John the Evangelist, Stoke Row, Oxfordshire. Her husband died 9 years later in 1916 and was buried in the same grave.

Grave of Hannah Francis (Hyde)
   Loving Memory 
The beloved wife of
  John Francis
   who died 
 March 24, 1907
 Aged 69 years
God called her home, it was his will
But in our hearts she dwelleth still
Her memory is as dear to-day
As in the hour she passed away
Also of our dear father
  John Francis
Who died Dec. 15th, 1916
  Aged 77 years
Gone from our home, but not
  from our hearts

Her death was registered at Henley v.3a, p.644.