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Born: Died: 1 July 1880 Married: William Francis Mother: Lucy Randal Father: George Randal Descendant: John Francis
Census 1841 1851 1861 1871 1881 1891 1901 1911 1921


Sarah Randall was born between July 1816 and July 1817 according to the age on her gravestone. The census say in Nuffield, but she does not appear in the parish baptism registers for Nuffield, despite some likely parents who were active around that time. There was a Sally Randal born in 1815. And a William born in 1817. On the birth registry entry for her son John Francis in 1839 his mother was listed as "Sarah Francis, formerly Randall".

A Sally Randal was baptised in Nuffield on the 26th November 1815 (Sally is a diminutive for Sarah). The parents were George and Lucy Randal. The date is slightly out for her age at death, and if her mother was called Lucy then it would be likely that one of her daughters would be called Lucy, but that isn't the case.


Sarah Randall married William Francis on the 3rd July 1836 at St Giles in Reading, Berkshire. The witnesses were William Josey and Jane Allum.


Sarah Randell had the following children with William Francis

Name Date of Birth Baptised Died Notes
Henry 19th Dec 1837 28th January 1838 7th March 1914 m. Maria Coleman (b.16/11/1851, d.16/11/1907)
John 12 Apr 1839 18th May 1839
William 20th Dec 1840 24th January 1841
James 24th Dec 1842 22nd January 1843 7th Sep 1919 m. Martha (b.1838, d.21/7/1921)
Emma 3rd May 1845 15 June 1845
George Frederick 23rd Jan 1847 7th March 1847
Sarah 29th Oct 1848 25th December 1848 Buried 5th Jan 1851 at age 2 years 2 months Buried in Nuffield
Thomas 26th Dec 1850 9th February 1851
Charles 2nd Dec 1852 23rd January 1853
Charlotte 9th Mar 1855 27th May 1855 4th April 1915
Edwin 15th Feb 1857 26th Apr 1857 26th Apr 1943 m.Louisa (b.1871 d.20/4/1895)
Joseph 26th Jul 1859 11th Sep 1859
Stephen 22nd Nov 1862 25th Jan 1863 Buried 27 Jan 1864 at 13 months Buried in Nuffield

On the night of the 6th June 1841 Sarah is living with her husband William Francis at Gangsdown Hill, Nuffield, Oxfordshire, along with their sons Henry (3), John (2) and William (5 months). Two doors away lives an older John Francis (54), also a blacksmith, and his wife Jane (56) (presumably her parents-in-law).

On the night of 30 March 1851 Sarah is still living with her family at Gangsdown Hill, Nuffield, including 7 children, and her mother-in-law Jane who is now a 71 and a widow.

On the night of 7 April 1861 she was living with her husband William Francis and 10 children at Nuffield Common. The properties either side of this one in the census were Huntercombe Farm, and Gangsdown Hill.

On the night of 2 April 1871 Sarah was still living with her husband William Francis at Nuffield Common, next to the Crown Inn.


Sarah Francis died on the 1st July 1880 was buried in the parish of Nuffield on the 5th July 1880 at the age of 63.

Her gravestone says:

In Affectionate Remembrance
The Beloved Wife of
William Francis
Who died July 1st 1880
Aged 63 years.
"As for me, I will behold thy face in
Righteousness. I shall be satisfied
when I awake with thy likeness."
Psalm XVII.15.

Her death was registered by her widower William Francis (Blacksmith) on the 3rd July 1880, who was present at her death in Nuffield. Her age was given as 63 years old, and her cause of death was scirrhus (an old term for cancer).

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Other Records

  • Banns in Nuffield: Edward Randal to Mary Jackson (both of this parish) 27th April, 4th, 11th May 1777.
  • Marriage in Crowell (22 miles from Nuffield) William Turner, w., & Sarah Randal 25th Dec 1783.
  • Marriage in Nuffield: Edward Randall to Mary Jackson on 17th May 1777 (witness Elizabeth Frances).
  • Banns in Nuffield: George Randall and Lucy Percy of Nettlebed on the 10,17,24 October 1813.
  • Baptism in Nuffield: Ann Randal daughter of George (Labourer) and Lucy Randal of Nettlebed, Oxon, 23rd March 1814.
  • Baptism in Nuffield: Sally Randal daughter of George (labourer) and Lucy Randal on the 26th November 1815.
  • Baptism in Nuffield: William Randal daughter of George (labourer) and Lucy Randal on the 27th June 1817.
  • Baptism in Nuffield: Emily Randal daughter of George (labourer) and Lucy Randal on the 11th April 1819.
  • George Randall was buried in Nuffield on 2nd August 1841 at the age of 55.
  • John Randall was buried in Nuffield on 15th March 1829 at the age of 32.
  • Mary the wife of Edward Randel was buried in Nuffield on 22 March 1827 at age 79.
  • Emily, daughter of George and Lucy Randal was buried in Nuffield on 31st October 1826 at age 1 year and 29 weeks (accidentally burnt).
  • Baptism in Nuffield: James Turner son of Elizabeth Turner (spinster), 3rd April 1814

Sarah's born in Nuffield 1816/1817:

  • 20 October 1816 Sarah Granger (John & Sarah) of Mongewell. In 1851 A Thomas Granger lived two doors down from Sarah Francis.
  • 4 Feb 1817 Sarah Lewis (Edmond & Elizabeth) of Nuffield - in 1851 Sarah Francis lived next to John Lewis and his Daughter Eliza Randall.
  • 8 June 1817 Sarah Butler (Thomas & Elizabeth) of Nuffield