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Born: 9 Feb 1849 Died: 3 Nov 1888 Married: Augustine Walmisley Mother: Mary Engleheart Father: Pelham Richardson Descendant: Frank Richardson
Census 1841 1851 1861 1871 1881 1891 1901 1911 1921

Ernest Murray Richardson was born on the 9th February 1849 in Blackheath in Kent. His parents were Pelham Richardson (an Agent) and Mary Jane Engleheart

He was an auctioneer and lived in Margate, Kent. He died very young, at the age of 39. His father had died at 56.


Ernest Murray Richardson was born on the 9th February 1849 at Dartmouth Row, Lewisham (about a mile from the Greenwich Observatory). His birth was registered by his father on the 25th March 1849, and his father was given as Pelham Richardson (bookseller and publisher) and his mother was given as Mary Jane Richardson (formerly Engleheart).

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Note, some websites list his birth date as 25th March 1849, but that was the date of registration, not the birthdate.

In 1851 he was 2 years old and living with his parents Pelham and Mary Richardson at Dartmouth Row, Blackheath, Kent.

His father died in 1860, and in 1861 he was 12 years old and living with his widowed mother at 1 Morden Road, Kidbrooke, Kent.

In Richardson Census#1871Kidbrooke he was 22, and still living with his widowed mother at Kidbrooke in Kent, but now at 8 Morden Road. He is single, and of no occupation.


He married Augustine Walmisley on March 30th, 1872 at the Holy Trinity Church in Twickenham (district of Brentford, Middlesex)., when he was listed as a bachelor living in Blackheath. Below is his marriage certificate. This lists his father as being Pelham Richardson agent)

AugustineWalmisely MarriageCertificate.jpg


From the 1911 census Ernest and Augustine had 8 children together, all eight were still alive in 1911. And yet the various different censuses over the years give 10 different names, so two of the children used different names at different times. Alexandrine sometimes used her middle names Gabrielle or Violet. And Howard sometimes used his middle name Curteis (his grandmother's maiden name). Ronald was baptised with a single middle name of Ernest, but there is a Ronald Walmisley Richardson in some records who might be the same person.

Child's Name D.O.B. P.O.B. Occupation D.O.M. D.O.D
Frank Engleheart Richardson 23rd November 1872 Blackheath, Kent 13 May 1893 15 Aug 1944
Charles Engleheart Richardson ~1874 (Q1,1874,Woolwich, 1d. 964) Blackheath, Kent 1929
Alexandrine Gabrielle Violet Richardson 28 June 1875 (baptised 8 Sep 1875) Clapham, Surrey
Mabel Augustine Richardson 30 Nov 1876 (baptised 13th January 1881) Clapham, Surrey Managing Clerk & Agent For Pharmacentical Specialties N/A 1958
Ronald Ernest Richardson ~1878 (baptised 13th January 1881) Balham, Surrey
Pelham John Richardson ~1881 (baptised 13th January 1881) Balham, Surrey
Howard Curteis Richardson 21 May 1882 (baptised 27 Aug 1882) (Brentford, Q3, 1882, 3a, 123) Hanwell, Middlesex Coach Builder (Railway) KIA 9 May 1915 Richebourg L'Avoue
Ernest Augustin Richardson ~1884 (baptised 16 Nov 1888, Burgess Hill) Deal, Kent

On the 8th September 1875 his daughter Alexandrine Gabrielle Violet Richardson is baptised at the parish of St Philip Lambeth in Surrey (born 28th June). Ernest's profession is auctioneer, and he lives at 186 Brampton Road.

On the 13th January 1881 three of his children are baptised at St Mary, Balham on the same day. His abode was given as 19 Verran Road, and his occupation was "Gent".

Note: We know this is the correct family for Frank Engleheart Richardson because the census has a Frank Richardson of the correct age, with a father called Ernest (a given by his marriage certificate). This would be slightly flimsy evidence if it were not for the fact that Frank's children are called Mabel, Frank, Violet, Charles, James, Ronald and Raymond. So at least four of Frank's children (Ronald, Violet, Charles and Mabel) are named after Uncles and Aunts (John wasn't recognised, and James and Raymond have been made up - but perhaps these Uncles get their names from earlier ancestors, or on their mother's side).

On the 10th April 1875, in "The Hour" the announcement was made that a partnership was dissolved between Benjamin Octavius Engleheart, Pelham Engleheart Richardson, and Ernest Murray Richardson, Bennet place, Blackheath, Beckenham, Kent, auctioneers.

In 1881 he was living at number 8, Buenos Ayres, Margate St John Baptist, Kent, England, and his occupation was given as auctioneer.


Ernest died on the 3rd November 1888 at "2 Springfield Terrace, Clayton, Burgess Hill, Local Board UBD". His death was registered on the 5th November by his son Frank E. Richardson (who would have only been 15 at the time). His cause of death was listed as "Phthisis failure of heart action". Phthisis refers to tuberculosis (also known as TB or consumption).

COL691317 2021-2-Ernest Murray Richardson.jpg

Ernest was buried on the 7th November 1888 at Burgess Hill. He was only 39 years old, and his abode was St John's Commons. In the margins of the parish record it appears to say 151 Sec B (or possibly 157). It's not clear from the documents exactly which parish in Burgess Hill, but from the context it's most likely St. John the Evangelist.

I can't find any record of a Springfield Terrace in the village of Clayton, but there was one on Royal George Road in Burgess Hill, to the west of St John the Evangelist church. It looks like the buildings may still be there (opposite the post box on this road - there was a box on this road called the "Springfield Terrace" postbox) but they are now just numbered as part of Royal George Road, rather as part of the terrace, so it's hard to say which was number 2. It appears that there was a "Clayton Urban CP" which covered the west half of Burgess Hill (with Royal George Road near the centre), with the east half covered by Keymer CP/AP. So that would explain the reference to Clayton.

In the following census in 1891 his wife was listed as a widow.

BMD:D: Q4, 1888, Cuckfield, Vol. 2B, p.94.

Other Records

There is a Ronald Walmisley Richardson, born in Brighton, who signed onto the Royal Sussex regiment of the Army on the 13th August 1895. He said he was 18 years old and 4 months - which would put his date of birth around April 1877. That's not conclusive though as many boys lied about their age to try to seem older. It seems he got moved to the Royal Artillery instead. This R.W. Richardson deserted from Malta, and the police in Brighton were alerted. He was caught and imprisoned with hard labour for 56 days.

A Carl Engleheart Richardson of Collier's Wood Mitcham, Surrey, was buried in Mitcham on the 18th December 1873 at the age of 8 months. Mitcham is 10 miles from Kidbrook. This would put his birth around April 1873, which is only 5 months after Frank was born, so this isn't Franks twin or brother.

Match Quality Name Estimated Birth Year Birthplace Relationship Civil Parish County/Island View Image

Mary Bond abt 1820  Chertsey, Surrey, England Servant  Kidbrooke  Kent   
Rebecca Clark abt 1825  White Waltham, Kent, England Servant  Kidbrooke  Kent   
Susannah Cuthtal abt 1838  Lewisham, Kent, England Servant  Kidbrooke  Kent   
Georgiana C Englehart abt 1829  Charlton, Kent, England Sister  Kidbrooke  Kent   
Ernest M Richardson abt 1849  Lewisham, Kent, England Son  Kidbrooke  Kent   
Mary J Richardson abt 1837  Kennington, Surrey, England Daughter  Kidbrooke  Kent   
Mary Jane Richardson abt 1814  London, England Head  Kidbrooke  Kent   
Pelham E Richardson abt 1845  Lewisham, Kent, England Son  Kidbrooke  Kent