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Born: 23 Nov 1872 Died: 15 Aug 1944 Married: Catherine Randall Mother: Augustine Walmisley Father: Ernest M. Richardson Descendant: Violet Richardson
Census 1841 1851 1861 1871 1881 1891 1901 1911 1921

Frank Engleheart Richardson was born 23 Nov 1872 in Blackheath in Kent.


Frank Engleheart Richardson was born on the 23 Nov 1872 (according to the 1939 register). (BMD: Registered Birth in Apr-May-Jun 1873: Richardson, Frank Engleheart: Lewisham 1d 830)

His parents were Ernest Murray Richardson and Augustine Richardson, and in 1881 he is 8 years old and living with them at 8 Buenos Ayres, Margate, Kent along with three brothers Charles, Ronald and John, and his sisters Mabel and Violet.

In 1891 he was living with his widowed mother in Andrew Villa, in the Keymer (eastern) half of Burgess Hill. Probably on London Road.


At the age of 20 whilst working as a carpenter he married Catherine Edith Randall in the parish church in Brighton on the 13th May 1893. His residence at the time was 15 Polham Square, and his father's name was given as Ernest Murray Richardson, Gentleman, Deceased. The witnesses were Edward Evans and Alice Charles.

1893. Marriage solemnized at Parish Church in the Parish of Brighton in the County of Brighton
When Married. Name and Surname. Age Condition. Rank or Profession Residence at the Time of Marriage Father's Name and Surname Rank or Profession of Father

May 13th 1893

Frank Engleheart Richardson 20 Bachelor Carpenter 15 Polham Square Ernest Murray Richardson (deceased) Gentleman
Catherine Edith Randall 19 Spinster --------- 39 Albion Hill James Randall Police Constable
Married in the Parish Church according to the Rites and Ceremonies of the Established Church After Banns by me Robert James C. Parker
This marriage was solemnized between us Frank Engleheart Richardson In the Presence of us Edward Evans
Catherine Edith Randall Alice Charles
MarriageCertificate FrankCatherineRichardson Crop.jpg

At the time his occupation was listed as a carpenter. He was listed as living at 15 Polham Square, Brighton, and she at 39 Albion Hill, Brighton.

By 1901 he is living with his wife Catherine and their three children at 62 Islingwold Road, Brighton.

In 1911 he is living with his family at 88 Albion Hill, Brighton, he is a joiner working for a motor car company.


They subsequently had seven children, Mabel, Frank, Violet, Charles, James, Ronald, and Raymond. Five of these are photographed at Catherine's funeral.

His son Frank married Violet Gertrude Strong (a.k.a. Auntie Gert), they are pictured with their nephew Frank Victor Allfrey. It's quite a coincidence (and quite confusing!) that Frank (junior) married a girl with the same name as his sister, but then both the Allfrey's and the Richardson's had more than their fair share of Frank's and Ernest's as well.

From the census:

  • Mabel Kate Alice Richardson was born 19th August 1893, at 42 Warleigh Road, Preston, Brighton (see below)
  • Frank Ernest Richardson (born 18 March 1896, m. Violet Gertrude Strong ~1921, d. <= March 1974)
  • Violet Emily Ada Richardson was born 21st November 1897, at 43 Ashton Street, Brighton, East Sussex
  • Charles James C. Richardson ~1900 (Birth registered Q1 1900, Brighton vol.2b p.203)
  • Ronald Albert E. Richardson (born 31 May 1902 - wood carver, widowed by 1939, Brighton 2b 197)
  • James Richardson ~1905
  • Raymond Philip Murray Engleheart Richardson married Ronnie (Registered Oct-Nov-Dec 1913 Brighton, Vol. 2b p.326)

By 1911, 6 children had been born and were still alive.

In 1911 their daughter Mabel is 17 and staying with her grandparents James Randall and Harriett Randall at the Sir George Thomas's Inn, Slindon, Sussex.

A Charles Richardson died in Brighton in Q4 1979 who was born on 7th August 1900, Brighton vol.18 p.0353

The 1939 register lists Frank as living at 4 Windmill Street, Brighton, Sussex. The members of the household are:

  • Frank E. Richardson, born 23 Nov 1872, Carpenter Joiner - Motor Finisher
  • Catherine E. Richardson, 18 Nov 1873, Unpaid Domestic Duties
  • Ronald A. E. Richardson, born 31 May 1902, Wood Carver, Widowed. {Carved the family book-ends in the shape of monkeys (speak no evil, hear no evil). He was deaf and dumb.}
  • three closed entries (people born after 1914)

Memories of Frank from Tim Allfrey

His grandson Tim (Frank Allfrey) said that he smoked ‘Digger Shag’ tobacco in his pipe, and smelled of this. His wife, Edith, smelled of (probably) lavender and always wore an apron. Frank had a hanging wart the size of a pea on his nose. He suffered from prostate problems. Frank and Edith called Tim ‘boy.’

Tim and his family went to his grandparents on Sunday afternoons for tea and supper. They played ‘Napp’, a card game, in the evening. Card games at this time were illegal. They therefore closed the curtains and gambled for cardboard milk discs, which Ernest Frank Allfrey (Beryl and Tim’s father) had brought from work.

Afterwards they had a beef joint (‘which you couldn’t afford now’) for a cold supper. Supper was always at 9pm. Frank Engleheart went to pub on the corner for a jug of stout and people had a glass of stout with beef. Tim said the dripping was lovely and they had it with salt. They went home and Tim hated the idea of going to school the next day. Beryl went to their grandparents also on Sundays but tended to leave in the evenings to see a film.


Frank Engleheart Richardson died on the Fifteenth of August 1944 at 33 Clyde Road, Brighton.

33 Clyde Road, Brighton

He was 71 years old, and a Motor Coach Finisher (Motor Coach Builders).

He died of a cerebral haemorrage.

The death was registered on the 16th August 1944 by F.E. Richardson (son), present at the death. Resident at 21 Mile Oak Garden, Portslade-by-Sea.

Death Certificate

Other Records

Possibly unrelated records:

This is more likely to be Francis E.W. Richardson: Passenger Lists: May 7th, 1915: To Quebec. F.E.Richardson (farmer) 43, Miss Richardson (Domestic) 21.

Daughter - Mabel Richardson

Back row: Frank Ernest Richardson, Violet Gertrude Richardson (Aunty Gertie), Mabel Murray (neé Richardson), Joseph Hail Murray (Mabel's husband). Middle row: Beryl Allfrey, Violet Richardson, Edith Phillips Duffield (Mabel's daughter) Front row: Frank Victor Allfrey (Tim), Joseph Hail Murray (junior), and Frank Engleheart Murray.

It is known to the family that Mabel (Auntie May) Richardson married a Joseph Murray. She was an opera singer, with the Fol-de-Rols and with the Carl Rosa Opera company.

Mabel Kate Alice Richardson was born on the 19th August 1893 at 42 Warleigh Road, Preston, Brighton (registered Steyning 3rd October 1893, 2b 264). Her mother was Catherine E. Richardson (nee Randall) and her father was Frank Engleheart Richardson (carpenter).

  • Mabel K. A. Richardson married a Roy M. (McVitty) Duffield (Reg. Q3 1915, E. Preston, Sussex, vol. 2b p.1001)
    • Edith Phillip Duffield is born 1919 in Brighton (mother's maiden name Richardson)
  • Mabel K. A. Duffield (Richardson) married a Joseph H. (Hail) Murray (Reg. Q4 1924, Exeter, Devon, vol. 5b, p.241)

Online trees state that her first husband's name was Roy McVitty Duffield, who died in 1965, which would indicate that she was divorced, not widowed.

From the 1939 register, Mabel K.A. Murray was born on the 19th August 1893, she is living at 39 Benton Road, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, and she is living with Joseph H. Murray (born 3rd April 1881) who is a wholesale fruit and potato merchant's clerk. There is one redacted entry (someone still living).

Another Mabel (Edith) Richardson was registered in Q4 1895, Brighton vol.2b p.256, but that doesn't seem to be the right one.

Her daughter Edith married Bernard Noble-Nesbitt in 1939.

In 1945, still at 39 Benton Road, there is registered to vote:

  • Frank E. Murray
  • Edith Phillips Noble-Nesbitt
  • Joseph H. Murray (Edith's step-father).
  • Catherine E. Richardson (Edith's grandmother)

Edith is still living at 39 Benton Road in 1980 (according to the phone-book).

Son - Raymond Philip Murray Engleheart Richardson

His son Raymond appears to have been in the Royal Artillery, "Trans to 133 OCTU ASHFORD 15-3-43"

His service number was 1519649.

Supplement to the London Gazette, 24 August 1943:

The undermentioned Cadets to be 2nd Lts.:-
Royal Regiment of Artillery.
15th July 1943:
Raymond Philip Murray Engleheart Richardson (285571)

Supplement to the London Gazette, 13 November, 1951:

Royal Army Ordnance Corps.
Short Serv. Commn.
Lt. Raymond Philip Murray Engleheart Richardson (285571) from R.A.S.C., Emerg. Commn., to be Lt., 3rd Sept. 1951, with seniority 27th June 1949.

Other unrelated records

I was confused by a William Brian Richardson (Registered Q3 1929, Brighton, Vol. 2b p.343) who's mother's maiden name was Randall. I thought this must also be Catherine's son (albeit a lot later). However the birth certificate lists the father as Ernest Victor Richardson, and the mother as Dorothy Mary Richardson (late Foot, formerly Randall). Born 12th June 1929 at 78, Buckingham Road, Brighton. His father lived at Rosedene, Crescent Drive, Woodingdean, Brighton.

Ernest Victor Richardson married a Dorothy Mary Foott or Dorothy Mary Randel in Dublin in 1926. She seems to be unrelated to Catherine Randall. Not sure yet if Ernest Victor Richardson is related to Frank Engleheart Richardson.