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Born: 23 Nov 1806 Died: 30 Oct 1877 Married: Hannah Pocock Mother: Elizabeth Father: Bertram Hyde Descendant: Hannah Hyde
Census 1841 1851 1861 1871 1881 1891 1901 1911 1921

William Hyde was the father of Hannah Hyde.


He was born about 1805-1811 in Thatcham, Berkshire (according to the censuses).

One William Hyde was born to Bertram Hide and Elizabeth on the 23rd November 1806, and baptised on the 28th December 1806 at Thatcham, Berkshire, England.


William Hyde married Hannah Pocock on the 5th September 1830 in Thatcham, Berkshire (near Newbury).


  • Henry Hyde, c. 1 May 1831, Thatcham, Berkshire (William Hyde, Hannah Hyde) (1851,1861)
  • Harriet Hide, c. 10 Mar 1833, Thatcham, Berkshire (William Hide, Hannah Hide) (1851)
  • Ellen Hide, c. 8 Nov 1835, Thatcham, Berkshire (William Hide, Hanah Hide), buried 1 Dec 1848, residence Woodspeen East.
  • Hannah Hyde - b. 6 Oct 1837, c. 29 Oct 1837 at Thatcham, Newbury, Berkshire, England. (1851,1861)
  • Maria Hyde, b ~1840, Shaw/Thatcham, Berkshire. (1851)
  • Alfred Hyde, b ~1842, Speen, Berkshire. (1851,1861)
  • Betsy Hyde, c. 1 Dec 1844, at St Mary, Speenhamland, Berkshire (father Victualler). (1851)
  • Edwin Hyde, c. 4 Apr 1847 at St Mary, Speenhamland, Berkshire (William, corn porter, and Anne) (1851)
  • Jane Hyde c. 7 Jul 1850 at St Mary, Speenhamland, Berkshire (William, labourer, and Anne) (1851,1861)
  • Frederick William Hyde, c. 5 Oct 1852 at St Mary, Speenhamland, Berkshire (William, labourer, and Hannah) (1861)
  • Walter Hyde, c. 6 Jun 1857 at St Mary, Speenhamland, Berkshire (William, corn dealer, and Hannah)

In 1841 William Hyde is living in the parish of Shaw-cum-Donnington, Newbury, Berkshire, his occupation is a Corn Porter.

Strangely his daughter Hannah (who should be about 4) is not listed, but there is a Hellen who does not appear in later censuses who is listed here as 5 (all the other children's ages are 1 higher than expected too).

He was a publican, and in 1851 was living in the White House pub in Speen, Newbury, Berkshire with his wife Hannah and 8 children (and one labourer). Speen (in the parish of Speenhamland) is the parish next to Thatcham.

He is listed as the publican in various directories: 1854 (Billing's Directory), 1863 (Dutton's Directory), and 1864 (Kelly's Directory).

He was not running the pub in 1847 (listed as Jonathan Marshall in the P.O. Directory) and in 1881 the census lists a Henry Harris.

In 1861 the census of the White House, London Road, Speen suggests that William Hyde has remarried to a Susannah, however this is likely to be a mishearing by the census taker as Hannah is back for the 1871 census (although they have moved by then).


In December, 1861 he filed for bankruptcy due to bad trade:

Berkshire Chronicle, 11 January 1862:


   SPEEN, &c.- This was a first sitting for the proof of 
debts and choice of assignees under the bankruptcy of 
William Hyde, of Speen, Berks, corn dealer and inn-
   Mr. Henry Pook, late of Reading, and now of No. 25,
Basinghall-street, filed the bankrupt's petition on the
17th of December last, and obtained for him protection
from arrest. The schedule attached thereto shows debts
due to creditors residing at Basigstoke, Newbury, Read-
ing, Doddington, Chiddington, and Wallingform, 1075l.
13s. 5d.; and the bankrupt ascribes his inability to meet
his engagements to arise from badness of trade and
heavy expenses.
   As no creditor attended who was willing to be appoin-
ted assignee, upon the suggestion of Mr. Pook, Mr. 
Stansfeld, the official assignee, accepted the trust, and
the 21st of February having been fixed for the bankrupt
to come up and finish his examination, and apply for 
his order of discharge, the proceedings terminated.
   The bankrupt was granted renewed protection until 

the next sitting.

Reading Mercury, 27th December 1862:


Transfer for Licenses - The license of the 
"Dog," at Woodspeen from Thomas Turk to 
Ambrose Porter ; the " White House," London-road, from
Ambrose Porter to William Hyde.

In 1871 William Hyde has moved out of the White House, but is still on London Road in Speen (in the parish of Speenhamland) which is the parish next to Thatcham. He is 66 years old and a gardener.


William Hyde was buried at St Mary the Virgin, Speen, Berkshire on the 2nd November 1877

He was 70 and resident at Speenhamland.

Berkshire Chronicle, Saturday 3rd November 1877


Sudden Death. - Mr. J. C. Pinniger, county 
coroner, held an inquest on Tuesday evening at the 
Greyhound public house, London-road, on the body of 
William Hyde. The deceased was found dead in his 
bed on the same morning. The jury after hearing the 
evidence, returned a verdict of "Death from natural 

Tuesday would have been October the 30th, 1877. The Greyhound pub was on the Speen side of Newbury (currently under the site of the roundabout between Oxford Road and Western Avenue).

Other Records

Reading Mercury, 02 March 1839:

William Hyde was listed as a witness in a case of theft of bones, and was in the employ of a Mr. Dows (who ran a bone-mill).

Reading Mercury, 30 March 1839:

Commitments. - By the Bench of Magistrates 
at Newbury, at their petty sessions on Thursday, the 28th inst.,
William Hyde, and Joseph Hyde, for a wilful damage, 
at the parish of Thatcham, on the 23d inst. ; each one 
calendar month's hard labour.

A William Hyde (56) was listed in the 1861 census in Chapel Street, Thatcham as a pauper living alone.

A William Hyde, baker of Sparholt died 31 August 1873 (not our William Hyde)

  • BMD:D: William Hyde, Q2, 1880 (aged 76 - ~1804), Newbury, 2c, 151, but there was one buried at Newbury at this time.
  • BMD:D: William Hyde, Q4, 1877 (aged 70 - ~1807), Newbury, 2c, 152, there was one buried at Speen at this time.