Hannah Pocock

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Born: 2 June 1811 Died: Married: William Hyde Mother: Edith Father: Joseph Pocock Descendant: Hannah Hyde
Census 1841 1851 1861 1871 1881 1891 1901 1911 1921


Hannah Pocock was baptised on the 2nd June 1811, in Thatcham, Berkshire. Her father was Joseph Pocock, and her mother was Edith.


Hannah Pocock married William Hyde on the 5th September 1830 at St Mary (the Minster), Thatcham, Berkshire (near Newbury).


  • Henry Hyde, c. 1 May 1831, Thatcham, Berkshire (William Hyde, Hannah Hyde) (1851,1861)
  • Harriet Hide, c. 10 Mar 1833, Thatcham, Berkshire (William Hide, Hannah Hide) (1851)
  • Ellen Hide, c. 8 Nov 1835, Thatcham, Berkshire (William Hide, Hanah Hide), buried 1 Dec 1848, residence Woodspeen East.
  • Hannah Hyde - b. 6 Oct 1837, c. 29 Oct 1837 at Thatcham, Newbury, Berkshire, England. (1851,1861)
  • Maria Hyde, b ~1840, Shaw/Thatcham, Berkshire. (1851)
  • Alfred Hyde, b ~1842, Speen, Berkshire. (1851,1861)
  • Betsy Hyde, c. 1 Dec 1844, at St Mary, Speenhamland, Berkshire (father Victualler). (1851)
  • Edwin Hyde, c. 4 Apr 1847 at St Mary, Speenhamland, Berkshire (William, corn porter, and Anne) (1851)
  • Jane Hyde c. 7 Jul 1850 at St Mary, Speenhamland, Berkshire (William, labourer, and Anne) (1851,1861)
  • Frederick William Hyde, c. 5 Oct 1852 at St Mary, Speenhamland, Berkshire (William, labourer, and Hannah) (1861)
  • Walter Hyde, c. 6 Jun 1857 at St Mary, Speenhamland, Berkshire (William, corn dealer, and Hannah)

In 1841 Hannah is living in the parish of Shaw-cum-Donnington, Newbury, Berkshire, her husband William's occupation is a Corn Dealer. She has four children living with her: Henry Hyde (10), Harriot Hyde (8), Hellen Hyde (5), Maria Hyde (1). Harriot is the age that we would expect her daughter Hannah to be, so possibly this was a mistake.

By 1851 she was living in the White House pub in Speen, Newbury, Berkshire with her husband William Hyde (now a publican), and their 8 children (and one labourer). Speen (in the parish of Speenhamland) is the parish next to Thatcham.

In 1861 the census of the White House, London Road, Speen suggests that her husband William Hyde has remarried to a Susannah, however this is likely to be a mishearing by the census taker, as Hannah is back for the 1871 census (although they have moved by then).

By 1871 Hannah and her family have moved down London Road from the White House in Speen (in the parish of Speenhamland).


BMD:D: Hannah Hyde, Q1, 1875, Aged 65, Newbury, 2c, 192.