Augustine Walmisley

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Born: 26 April 1843 Died: 1929 Married: Ernest Richardson Mother: Marie Girault Father: John Walmisley Descendant: Frank Richardson
Census 1841 1851 1861 1871 1881 1891 1901 1911 1921

Marie Augustine Walmisley was born in Westminster on the 26th April 1843 to John Richard Lambert Walmisley and Marie Augustine Walmisley.

She seems to have been known as Augustine, and her marriage certificate refers to her as Augustine Anna Maria.


Registration District: Westminster, 1843 BIRTH in the Sub-district of St. John the Evangelist in the County of Middlesex
When and where born Name, if any Sex Name and surname of father Name, surname, and maiden name of mother Occupation of father Signature, description and residence of informant When Registered
Twenty-Sixth of April 1843
12 North Street
Maria Augustine Girl John Richard Lambert Walmisley Marie Augustine Walmisley formerly Graffe Solicitor John R.L. Walmisley, Father
12 North Street
Nineteenth of May 1843

On the night of 30 March 1851 she was 7 years old and living with her parents at 4 The Grange, Brompton, Kensington, Middlesex, England. Her name was given as Augustine Anna Walmisley.

On the night of 7 April 1861 she was 17 years old and living with her mother Augustine Walmisley and her siblings at 6 Limerston Street, Chelsea, London, England. Her name was given as Augustine A. M. Walmisley.

1871 was the night of 2 April 1871.


She married Ernest Murray Richardson on March 30th, 1872 at the Holy Trinity Church in the parish of Twickenham (district of Brentford, Middlesex). They had at least 10 children (see Ernest's page). Below is a recent certified copy of her marriage certificate.

AugustineWalmisely MarriageCertificate.jpg

It states that she was 25 at the time of her marriage, a spinster, and living in Twickenham. This age seems a bit optimistic since she is listed in the 1851 census as being 7 and a scholar!. The mariage certificate. It also lists her father as John Richard Lambert Walmisley (solicitor). One of the witnesses is one of her half-sisters (by her mother) - Gabrielle Girault.

On the night of 3 April 1881 she was living with her husband Ernest Richardson at 8 Buenos Ayres, Margate St John Baptists, Kent. Her age was given as 32 (she should have been 37). They were living with six children.

On the night of 5 April 1891 she was a widow, living at Andrew Villa, Keymer, Burgess Hill, along with six of her children. She listed her age as 43 years old, and was living on her own means.

On the night of 31 March 1901 she was living at 276 Wightman Road in Hornsey, Middlesex (near Harringay, now part of London). She is living with her two daughters Mabel (24) and Violet (25) and her niece, also called Mabel (7). She claims that her age is 51...

On the night of 2 April 1911 she was living at 44 Upper St. James Street, Brighton, with her son Curtis Richardson (28) who was a coach builder for a railway company. She gave her age as 64, and she said that she had been married for 39 years, and had 8 children born, and all of them were still living. The house had 5 rooms (including the kitchen, but excluding any bathrooms).


The death of Augustine A. M. Richardson aged 78 was registered in Q1, 1929 at Kensington, vol 1a, p242.