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Born: Died: 1882 Married: John Walmisley Mother: Father: Auguste Girault Descendant: Augustine Walmisley
Census 1841 1851 1861 1871 1881 1891 1901 1911 1921

Marie Augustine Girault was born in Paris, France, around 1807 (during the Napolonic Wars) to Auguste Nicolas Girault . She married a copper plate engraver called Charles Louis Auguste Graff in Paris, France, and they had three children together, Gabrielle Augustine Graff (~1833), Emma Graff (~1839), and Charles Antoine Graff (9th December 1836) whilst in France.

Marie Augustine Graff entered the UK on the 1st April 1837 from Boulogne. Her profession is a Mantua maker (a type of clothing - an over-robe).
Entry Marie Augustine Graff crop.jpg

In the place of her signature it says "pour ma femme" and the signature of her first husband (it is the same as that on his arrival documents in 1840). There is a remark "left on 24th July last" which seems to indicate that she had visited before.

She appears to have moved to England shortly after her first husband died, sometime between the birth of Emma Graff in ~1839 and ~1840 when she registered the birth of John Charles Girault Walmisley. Despite him being registered as a Walmisley (and her being listed as the mother as Maria Walmisley), it doesn't appear that she married John Walmisley until the next year.


A large number (millions) of civil birth and marriage registrations in Paris before 1861 were destroyed in a fire in 1871 which might make it harder to track down records for Marie's birth.

First marriage

On the 29th January 1831 a Marie Augustine Girault married a copper plate engraver called Charles Louis Auguste Graff in Paris, France, and they had three children together, Gabrielle Augustine Graff (~1833), Emma Graff (~1839), and Charles Antoine Graff (9th December 1836) whilst in France. And perhaps her fourth John Charles Girault Walmisley was a child of Charles as well.

This is also confirmed in the 1864 marriage certificate of their son Charles Antoine Graff with Émélie MILLET, which says: "Given up by his parents to the foundlings and orphans hospice of Paris on May 14th 1837, recorded under number one thousand and one hundred and three of the numbers register as mentioned in his setting booklet was sent to a home/orphanage when he was only one year old.". It lists Charles Antoine's parents as "Charles Louis Auguste Graff and Marie Augustine Girault".

Her husband Charles Louis Auguste Graff entered Britain on the 8th May 1840.
British Arrival Charles Louis Auguste Graff crop.jpg

By 1841 in her second marriage she is listed as a widow.

There is a possibility for the death of her husband in England:

  • Charles Graff 1840-Oct-Nov-Dec St Olave Southwark London Vol 4 Page 368
  • Charles Graff of George St, on December 27th, 1840 aged 81 (this is likely to be the same as the above as in Southwark)

At the age of 81 this is unlikely to be the correct Charles Graff!

Second Marriage

In 1841 she is living at Tavistock Row, St Paul's Covent Garden with someone called John Graff (a solicitor) who was alledgedly born in Middlesex, along with three children, her two daughters that we knew about Gabrielle and Emma, and one called Alexandrena. Sadly the 1841 census does not give the relationship between people. John might be her husband, or brother-in-law. Alexandrena might be her daughter, or niece-in-law.

On the 15th August 1841 Maria Augustine Graff (nee Girault) married John Richard Lambert Walmisley, at St Paul, Covent Garden, London (in the registration district of Strand, Middlesex, London).

1841. Marriage solemnized at Parish Church in the Parish of St Paul Covent Garden in the County of Middlesex
When Married. Name and Surname. Age Condition. Rank or Profession Residence at the Time of Marriage Father's Name and Surname Rank or Profession of Father
August 15 John Richard Lambert Walmisley both of full age Bachelor Gentleman Tavistock Row John Angus Walmisley Gentleman
Maria Augustine Graff Widow Tavistock Row Auguste Nicolas Girault Gentleman
Married in the Parish Church according to the Rites and Ceremonies of the Established Church by Banns by me Charles Wesley D.D.
This marriage was solemnized between us John R.L. Walmisley In the Presence of us Alexis Simonin
Augustine Graff John James

The certificate lists Maria Augustine as a widow, but in an odd coincidence a Graff (no first name listed) who is also an engraver like her dead husband was recorded entering the country in 1843...

Marriage Certificate

However, coincidences can happen, the parish registers list a Maria Graffe marrying a John Lambert on the 6th February 1842, at Saint Botolph Bishopsgate, London, London, England, however, closer inspection shows that this is definitely not our couple as the father is a George Graff.


Marie had several children with Charles Graff, of which we know of Gabrielle, Emma and Charles. Possibly there was another called Alexandrina.

John Charles Girault Walmisley could possibly be the son of Charles Louis Auguste Graff as John was born in September, and her first husband Charles was recorded entering the country in May, four months before John was born. The birth certificate says that John Walmisley was the father, and the mother was Marie Walmisley, however they did not marry until August the following year (1841).

They had a daughter called Augustine Anna Maria Walmisley.

In 1851 John and Augustine are living together with 5 children (and 2 servants) at No. 4, The Grange, Brompton, Kensington, in Middlesex.

In 1861 and 1871 she is living in Limerston Street in Chelsea, London. In 1861 with her children Emma, John, Augustine and Phillip Walmisley (and one servant) but in 1871 only with her daughter Emma (Graff).

In 1881 the census finds her living in Ealing with one of her daughters Emma M. Girault. The marriage certificate of Augustine (junior) lists a Gabrielle Girault as one of the witnesses. It is assumed that she was Augustine (junior)'s (and hence Emma's) sister. Gabrielle is also listed in the 1881 census, but living as a Governess in Glamorgan. Gabrielle Girrault is listed in the 1871 census as being a 27 year old, Paris born, governess in Harrow.

Child's Name D.O.B. P.O.B. Birth Certificate
Gabrielle Augustine Graff (Girault/Walmisley) ~1833 France
Charles Antoine Graff 9 Dec 1836
Emma Graff (Girault/Walmisley) ~1839 France
John Charles Girault Walmisley 13 Sep 1840 Westminster, Middlesex
Birth Certificate John Charles Girault Walmisley.jpg
John George Charles Walmisley ~1842 Westminster, Middlesex John George Charles Lambert Walmislet Died Oct-Nov-Dec 1862 Chelsea vol. 1a p.139
Maria Augustine Walmisley Q2 1843 Westminster St Margaret, Middlesex
Augustine Anna Walmisley ~1844 Westminster, Middlesex
Philip Walter Girault Walmisley ~1846 Westminster, Middlesex died 1881


Marie died in 1882 at the age of 76.

  • Marie Augustine Walmisley 1882-Jan-Feb-Mar Brentford Vol 3a Page 58

Random Notes

Perry's Bankrupt and Insolvency Gazette: London, Court-house, Portugal-st. 1838, 6th August, nine: Graff Charles, of Great Pulteney-strt. Golden-square, journeyman engraver.

From Tuesday's Gazette, July 28, 1846: Patnerships dissolved: Girault and Richardson, Stewart Street, Spitalfields, silk manufacturers.

Partnerships dissolved: Girault and Sons, Stewart Street, Spitalfields, silk manufacturers, so far as regards Sarah Hutt.

Maria Augustine Graff (m) JAS 1841 (Strand V1 P382)

In Jan-Feb-Mar 1882 in Brentford Middlesex a Marie Augustine Walmisley died at the age of 76 (birth ~ 1806)

In1840 Oct-Nov-Dec In the district of the Strand (London, Middlesex) Vol 1 Page 344 a John Charles Girault Walmisley was born.

Name: Girault, Augustine Lesourd-Delisle Birth - Death: 1810- Source Citation: Dictionary of Women Artists. An international dictionary of women artists born before 1900. By Chris Petteys. Boston: G.K. Hall & Co., 1985. (DcWomA)

In 1st March 1842 a Nicolaus Girault and wife (a mechanic from France) came to England at the Port of London from Boulogne on the Maguet (possibly the ship name).

On 3rd March 1843 a Graff from Boulogne who was a "graveur" (engraver) from France came to England on the "City of Boulogne"

Name: GIRAULT, Alexander Record Type: Deaths Age at death: 75 Quarter: March Year: 1882 District: Pancras (1837-1901) County: London Middlesex Volume: 1b

Reconstructed Paris birth reports:

  • 1784 ??? Girault Augustine 20 aout 1784
  • Louis Auguste Girault 1804. Date de la naissance 18 thermidor an 12 (Juillet 1804)
  • Louis Charles Girault 1805 Arrondis ancien. XIII XI Date de la Naissance 28 prainal en XIII 17 Juin 1805.
  • Louis Girault 1805 13 Date de la naissance: 7-X-1805
  • Emestine? Girault ?? 1807
  • 1807 Marie Isidora Girault 20 ?? 1807
  • 1827 Girault, Louis Auguste, 23 9bre 1827
  • 1830 Girault, Auguste 11 Juin 1830
  • 1832 P32 Girault, Joseph Louis Auguste Date 7 April 1832
  • 1832 Girault, Victoire Gabrielle 20 April 1832, P132
  • 1832 P1061 Girault, Marie Augustine Date de la naissance: 26 X 1832
  • 1833 Arrondis 6 Giraut, Auguste Antoine Date dln 17 Juillet 1833
  • 1833 8 Girault, Joseph Marie DnlN 19 Xbr 1833
  • 1833 Girault, Louis Charles Alexandu 26 Xr 1833
  • 1834 Girault, Auguste Louis 30 mars 1834
  • 1835 Girault, Alexandre adrien 3 9th 1835
  • 1836 Girault, francois Marie DdlN 11 fevrier 1836 p20
  • 1839 Girault, Louis 28? Fevrier 1839
  • 1839 Girault, Elisa Alexandrine15 Juin 1839
  • 1839 Girault, Louise Amelie 19 novembre 1839
  • 1841 Girault Alfred charles 6 jun 1841
  • 1844 Paris Girault, Marie Henriette Gabrielle 30 Janvier 1844


  • 1846 Graff, Louis Charles 9 Avril 1846