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Born: 13 May 1790 Died: 1869 Married: Mary Curteis Mother: Ursula Brown Father: George Engleheart Descendant: Mary Engleheart
Census 1841 1851 1861 1871 1881 1891 1901 1911 1921
Nathaniel Engleheart

Nathaniel Brown Engleheart was the son of George Engleheart and Ursula Sarah Brown, named for his late grandfather Nathaniel Brown.

He was the father of Mary Jane Engleheart

He was a proctor.

After 1813 his father George Engleheart had virtually retired from painting and had moved to his country house. By 1818, he was living in Blackheath, looked after by his son Nathaniel.

23 May 1837 - Morning Post - London, London, England: Arches' Court - Monday, May 22. (Before Sir H. Jenner.) This being the first day of Term, prayers were read, and the Court opened with the usual formalities. Nathaniel Brown Engleheart and John Stokes, Esqrs., were admitted Procurators-General exercent in this Court, by receipts from his Grace the Lord Archbishop of Canterbury. No case of public interest occurred.

23 May 1837 - Morning Advertiser: The Dean of the Arches, attended by the Civilians and Proctors of the Court, heard prayers as usual, on the opening of the Term. Nathaniel Brown Engleheart, Esq., and John B. Stokes, Esq., were admitted Proctors of the Court, pursuant to a rescript from the Archbishop of Canterbury. No business of interest was called on to-day.


Nathaniel was born on the 13th May 1790, and baptised on 11 June 1790 at the parish of St George, Hanover Square, Middlesex, England. His parents are George Engleheart George and Ursula Sarah Engleheart.

Nathaniel Engleheart as a boy
Baptism Parish Record


He married Mary Jane Curteis on the 2nd June 1812 at St. Mary's church, Sunbury on Thames.

MarriageNathanielEngleheartMaryCurteis1812 crop.jpg

Nathaniel Brown Engleheart of the parish of St. George, Hanover Square in the county of Middlesex, Esq. Batchelor, and Mary Jane Curteis of this parish, spinster, a minor were Married in this church by licence, with consent of parents this second day of June in the year one thousand eight hundred and twelve by me James Lowe, Vicar.

This marriage was solemnized between us: N.B.Engleheart & Mary Jane Curteis

In the presence of George Engleheart, S. Curteis, Emma Engleheart, Mary Ann Thicking?


  • Eliza Ann Engleheart
  • Mary Jane Engleheart c.25 Dec 1813, East Bedfont, Middlesex
  • Nathaniel Brown Engleheart c.15 Sep 1815, Tooting Graveney, Surrey, England., m. Caroline Marsh 13 July 1848, d. 8 June 1853, b. St Luke, Charlton, Greenwich, Plot 122
  • William Hayley Engleheart, c 13 Apr 1817, East Bedfont. Aboding in Lower Tooting, d. 8 January 1853, b. St Luke, Charlton, Greenwich, Plot 122
  • Ursula Sarah Engleheart, c. 11 Jan 1819
  • George Edward Engleheart, c.4 Aug 1818, and c.25 Apr 1821
  • Eleanor Serena Engleheart, c. 31 July 1823
  • Samuel Henry Engleheart, c. 31 July 1823
  • Benjamin Octavius Engleheart, h.c. 2 Apr 1825, c. 20 June 1825, Tooting Greveney
  • Emma Frances Engleheart, b. 12 Mar 1827, c.12 May 1827, Saint Luke, Old Charlton
  • Georgiana Caroline Engleheart, b.27 Oct 1828, c.22 Sep 1831, Saint Luke,Old Charlton,London,England
  • Stephen Paul Engleheart, b.20 Aug 1830, c.22 Sep 1831, Saint Luke, Old Charlton, d. 1885, drowned in Africa.
  • Francis James Engleheart, b.9 Feb 1834, c.8 Aug 1834, Saint Luke, Old Charlton, d. 14 Jan 1900
  • Martha Sophia Engleheart b.6 Jan 1836, c.17 Jun 1836, Saint Luke, Old Charlton
  • Edward Curteis Engleheart, c.10 Aug 1838

On the night of 6 June 1841 he was living at Cresswell Park, Charlton, Kent (just south of Blackheath Railway station). He was living with his wife (Mary Jane), 7 of his children, and 5 servants.

On the night of 30 March 1851 he was still living at Cresswell Park House, Charlton, along with his wife, 6 children, and 6 servants.

Gravestone Inscription, St Luke's Church near Woolwich:

83. ENGLEHEART (122). Sacred to the memory of William Hayley ENGLEHEART, Bachelor, second son of Nathaniel Brown and Mary Jane Engleheart, of Blackheath, who died the 8 January, 1853, in the 37th year of his age. Also of Nathaniel Brown Engleheart, eldest son of the above-named Nathaniel Brown and Mary Jane Engleheart, who died the 8 June, 1853, in the 39th year of his age.


Year Register Name Abode Nature of Qualification Property Situated
1835 Electoral Register, Parish of Richmond, Surrey. Engleheart, Nathaniel Brown Blackheath Freehold tenement Waterworks.
1838,39,41 Electoral Register, Parish of St. James, Westminster. Engleheart, Nathaniel Brown Park-house, Blackheath Freehold house 16, Golden Square.
1855 Electoral Register, Castle Baynard, City of London Engleheart, Nathaniel Brown Blackheath House 19, Great Knightrider street.
1857 Electoral Register, Parish of St. James, Westminster. Engleheart, Nathaniel Brown Park-house, Blackheath Freehold house 16, Golden Square.
1859 Electoral Register, Charlton, Blackheath District. Engleheart, Nathaniel Brown Park-house, Blackheath
1869 Electoral Register, Parish of St. James, Westminster. Engleheart, Nathaniel Brown Park-house, Blackheath Freehold house 16, Golden Square.


Nathaniel Engleheart was an expert on turning. Two of the ivory turned pieces he made are in storage at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London:

Both were donated by Mrs Clementina M. Sprott, London, the granddaughter of the artist, in 1938.

He wrote (and indeed in some cases printed himself) several books including:

  • 1840 - Attempts in the Art and Mystery of Printing
  • 1862 - A new year (2 pages)
  • 1863 - To the new year
  • 1864 - Omnium Gatherum, consisting chiefly of a selection of odds and ends from an old portfolio, and comprising the useful, the amusing, and the curious.
  • 1852/67 - A concise treatise on Eccentric Turning (published by Pelham Richardson)

Other Hobbies

It appears that Nathaniel had an interest in butterflies and in 1836 published an article in the Entomological Magazine , where he describes catching two rare "Bath White" butterflies.

  • Engleheart, N.B. (1836) Mancipium daplidice. The Entomological Magazine. 3, p.409


Nathaniel died on May 6th, 1869.

BMD: 1869 Apr-May-Jun Engleheart, Nathaniel B. (78) Woolwich Vol 1d. 498

An obituary in The Register, and magazine of biography [ed. by T. Cooper] said May 6th, 1869: "At Park House, Blackheath-park, aged 78, Nathaniel Brown Engleheart, esq. formerly of Great Knightrider-st. Doctors'-commons."

Some people get his date of death confused with the entry of June qtr 1853, Lewisham vol 1D page 430, however was the death of his eldest son of the same name who died on the 8th June 1853.

Other Records

Here is son (also called Nathaniel Brown Engleheart) is married:

15 July 1848 - Cambridge Chronicle and Journal - Cambridge, Cambridgeshire: On the 13th inst., at Lewisham, Kent, Nathaniel Brown Engleheart, jun., of Doctors'-commons and Blackheath, to Caroline, third daughter of the later Rev. William Marsh, Chaplain of Morden college, Blackheath.

Clerkenwell News 27 November 1861:

Partnership Dissolved. Nathaniel Brown Engleheart and Edward Curtis Engleheart, Great Knightrider-street, Doctors'-commons, proctors.

Death of Stephen Paul Engleheart - register of Tonbridge School

Engleheart, Stephen Paul. 1845-7. Second surviving son of Nathaniel Brown Engleheart. h. 1830. Mem. Eoy. Coll. Surg. Eng. and M.D. of Edin. Univ. Practised at Down, Beckenhau, and at Shelton, Norfolk. Drowned between New Calabar and Bonny, West Coast of Africa., on his return from visiting a patient, 1885.

The Ipswich Journal 22 August 1896:


On Thursday evening last, after a long and trying illness, borne with much patience, Miss Eliza Anne Engleheart passed away to her rest. For many years she had lived at Stayer House, Eye, and leaves behind in the town and neighbourhood many friends to lament her loss. From the very first, when 25 years ago she and her four sisters came to live at Eye. she has always been found one of the foremost with her help and support in every good work. She was an active Church worker, for 15 or 16 years a teacher in the Sunday schools, and as an accomplished organist was always ready to assist in the musical services of the Church. In the work of the choir she has always taken a very keen interest and has endeared herself to every member of it. Up to the very last, even during the latter part of her illness, she was an indefatigable visitor amongst the poor, who found in her at all times, and especially in the time of sorrow and sickness, a generous and sympathetic friend. She has won the respect and love of all classes by her constant charity of mind and practical good sense, by the piety, the humility, and the Christian devotion of her life, by her gentleness and earnest sympathy. All feel grateful for her example, and all mourn her loss, commending her should to the loving God whom she has served so faithfully. The funeral took place on Monday afternoon. The first part of the service was read by the Vicar, and the lesson by her nephew, the Rev. George H. Engleheart, M.A., vicar of Chute Forest, Wilts.


Amongst those present were :- Mr Francis J. Engleheart, Rev. G.H. Engleheart, Miss C.M.D. Engleheart, Miss E.C. Engleheart, Miss C.M. Engleheart, Mr. and Mrs. M.F. Simon, Mr. and Mrs. L. M. Simon, Miss M. Simon, Mr. Percy Engleheart, the two maids of the later Miss Engleheart, Caroline Scrivener and Alice Cooper.


Miss Eliza Engleheart, who was 64 years of age, was the last surviving daughter of the later Nathaniel Brown Engleheart, of Blackheath, and Doctor's Commons, and Mary Jane, his wife. Their family consisted of eight sons and seven daughters, of whom Mr. Francis J. Engleheart, is now the sole survivor.