Martha Oliver

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Born: 1762 Died: 21 Jan 1826 Married: James Carlton Mother: Amy Father: James Oliver Descendant: William Carrington

Martha Oliver was the mother of William Carrington in Holkham.


One Martha Oliver was baptized in a village close to Little Walsingham called South Creake, Norfolk in 17 Jan 1762. Her father was listed as James (Jas.) Oliver and her mother as Amy.


Martha had a daughter (Elizabeth) in 1788 before she was married, the parish registers record the father as "--- Carrington".

She married James Carlton on 21st January 1789 in Little Walsingham. Both were unmarried and of this parish. The witnesses were Thomas Martin Dennis and John Creed (the latter witnessed many weddings). Although it wasn't mentioned in the church registers for the marriage, later birth registers list him as having an alias of Carrington.


She had at least seven children:

Child's Name D.O.B. P.O.B. D.O.C. Occupation D.O.D
Elizabeth Carrington 26 June 1788 26 June 1788 & 3 Aug 1788 13 Sep 1791
James Carrington Holkham, Nfk 10 Apr 1791
Jonathan Carlton (alias Carrington) Holkham, Nfk 20 Dec 1793
Edward Carrington Holkham, Nfk 18 Nov 1796
John Carlton (alias Carrington) Holkham, Nfk 22 Sep 1799
Sarah Carlton (alias Carrington) Holkham, Nfk 9 Sep 1801
William Carlton (alias Carrington) Holkham, Nfk 24 July 1804

Their son John went on to marry Sarah Ann Lovell (well at least a Sarah Ann whose niece was Mary Ann Lovell), and they had a son called William. They were living in Staithe, Holkham, Walsingham in 1841.

Sarah Ann Lovell was one of the witnesses at William (John's brother) Carrington's wedding in 1822. So she must have either married his elder brother later, or signed her maiden name.

It looks like their son William (Carrington or Carlton) had a daughter Mary Anne in 1824 in Wells, Norfolk. As the surname is given as "Carrington (or Carlton)" still.


She died on the 21st January 1826 aged 64 in Holkham, Norfolk, and was buried on the 25th January 1826 in the churchyard of St Withburga, Holkham Hall, in plot 73. Sandstone oval: "In memory of James Carrington who died 26 May 1839 aged 79 years. Also Martha, wife of James Carrington who died 21st January 1826 aged 64 years"

Bizarrely the parish burial register says Martha Carrington, wife of John Carrington (not James), but otherwise agrees with the gravestone. Her abode was listed as Holkham.

Other Records

Entry from Church of England Marriages from 1754 to 1901

 Date   03.11.1761     
Role in Marriage   B     
 Surname   OLIVER     
Forename   Martha     
Legal Consent   B     
Signature   X     
Home Parish   Great Walsingham