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Born: 1st April 1886 Died: Married: Wyndham Carter Mother: Charlotte Garlinge Father: George Fox Descendant: Eve Carter
Census 1841 1851 1861 1871 1881 1891 1901 1911 1921

Mabel Louisa Agnes Fox was born on the 1st April 1886 in Womenswold (Kent) to George Fox and Charlotte Garlinge.

Womenswold is about 5 miles north-west of Dover (halfway to Canterbury from Dover) and about 2 miles south-west from the village of Nonington.

In 1891 she was 5 years old and living with her parents George and Charlotte and 7 other siblings at Woolwich Green, Womenswold, Kent.

In 1901 she was 15 years old, still living with her parents in Woolwich Green, but now only one sister remains, and her niece and nephew.

The photo on the right would have been taken around 1913-14 based on the age of Margaret.


Mabel Louisa Agnes Fox was baptised on the 15th August 1886 in the parish of Wymynswold, Kent. Her parents were George and Charlotte Fox, from Woolwich Green, Womenswold. Her father George was a labourer.


She married Wyndham George Carter on the 12th January 1910 at the register office.

1910. Marriage solemnized at the Register Office in the District of Bridge in the Counties of Kent & Canterbury
When Married. Name and Surname. Age Condition. Rank or Profession Residence at the Time of Marriage Father's Name and Surname Rank or Profession of Father

Twelfth January 1910

Whyndon George Carter 25 years Bachelor Farm Labourer Barhau William John Carter Farm Labourer
Mabel Louisa Agnes Fox 28 years Spinster --------- Barhau George Fox (deceased) Farm Labourer
Married in the Register Office by certificate before me ? Croft, Registrar
This marriage was solemnized between us Whyndon George Carter In the Presence of us Charlotte Fox
Mabel Louisa Agnes Fox Annie Morgan


They had at least seven children together:

  • Thomas Frederick Carter (born circa 1910, Bridge, Kent)
  • Margaret Elizabeth Carter (born 17th October 1912)
  • Doris J. Carter (born circa 1914, Bridge, Kent)
  • Kathleen M. Carter (born circa 1916, Bridge, Kent)
  • Violet M. Carter (born circa 1918, Bridge, Kent)
  • Winifred A. Carter (born circa 1920, Bridge, Kent)
  • Eve Carter (born 15th May 1923, Bridge, Kent)

In 1911 she was 25 years old, now living with her husband of one year in Kingstone, Kent, she has a son Thomas. Her sister Emma is a visitor with three children. Her house has five rooms.

They had a daughter, Eve Carter on the 15th May 1923 in Kent.

In 1939 he was living at "The Bungalow", Black Robin Lane, Bridge-Blean, Kent. The residents in the house were:

  • Margaret E. Carlisle, born 17th October 1912, unpaid domestic duties.
  • closed record (person born after 1914 - probably Eve Carter)
  • Mabel L. A. Carter, born 1st April 1886, unpaid domestic duties
  • George W. Carter (Whyndam George), born 14th March 1884, Cowman and Acting Special Constable (Kent)

Their house was next door to the post office at the time, which was next door to "The Black Robin".


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Note: District of Bridge includes Womenswold.