Charlotte Garlinge

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Born: Died: 1914 Married: Mother: Mary Marley Father: Richard Garlinge Descendant: Mabel Fox
Census 1841 1851 1861 1871 1881 1891 1901 1911 1921

Charlotte Garlinge was born in 1844, in Nonington in Kent to Richard Garlinge and Mary Marley.

She was Christened on the 19th July 1846 at Nonington, Kent, England. Her parents were Richard and Mary Garlinge.

In 1851 she was just 4 years old and living with her parents at Holt Street in Nonington, Kent.

In 1861 the census claimed that she was 17 (but she was more like 14-15) and still living with her parents, and sisters Jane and Emma at Holt Street. Her father was a jobbing gardener, and Charlotte herself was a charwoman.


Charlotte married George Fox on the 2nd December 1864 at the Parish Church of Nonington. Charlotte was described as an under-age spinster, her father was Richard Garlinge (Labourer). George Fox was described as a bachelor, a labourer, and of full age, his father was given as William Fox (carrier). The witnesses were George and Harriet Garlinge.


In 1871 she was 29 and living in Woolwich Green, Womenswold, Kent with her husband George Fox and her two children Mary Anne Fox, and Fanny C. Fox.

In 1881 she was 38 and still living in Woolwich Green, Womenswold. They now had three children living with them, Charles, George, and Jane Maria.

In the 1891 census she was living with her husband (occupied as a general labourer) in Womenswold with 6 of their children (Jane ,Thomas, Ethel, Mabel, Emma, and Elizabeth) and two grandchildren (John H. Fox, aged 7, and Clara C. Fox, aged 3).

In 1901 she is still living in Womenswold with her husband, although the address is now given as The Green, Woolwich Green. She is now 58 and now has two of her children at home with her, Mabel who is 15, and Elizabeth who is 13. She also has two grandchildren John H Fox and Clara C. Fox.

By 1911 Charlotte is a widow, now living in Barham, near Canterbury with her two children Thomas William Fox (29), and Elizabeth Emma Fox (23). She was recorded as having 11 children, of whom 10 were still alive in 1911.

Charlotte and George Fox had the following children:

  • Mary Anne Fox (b. ~ 1865 Womenswold, c.5th Nov 1865, Womenswold)
  • Fanny C. Fox (b.~1868, Womenswold)
  • Charles Fox (c.16 July 1871, Womenswold)
  • George Fox (c. 21 June 1874, Woolwich, Womenswold)
  • Frank Fox (c.14 Jan 1877, Woolwich, Wymynswold)
  • Jane Maria Fox (c.16 Nov 1879, Woolwich, Wymynswold, Kent)
  • Thomas William Fox (~1882, Chartham, Kent. c.28th May 1882, Woolwich, Wymynswold, Kent)
  • Ethel Matilda May Fox (~1883, Chartham, Kent. c.21st Oct 1883 Woolwich, Wymynswold, Kent)
  • Mabel Louisa Agnes Fox (1st April 1886, Womenswold, Kent)
  • Elizabeth Emma Fox (~1888, Womenswold, Kent)


A likely record for the death of Charlotte Garlinge is:

BMD:D: Charlotte Fox, Jul-Aug-Sep 1914, Age: 69, District: Bridge, Kent. Volume: 2a, Page: 969


Nonington Village Website

Baptisms at Womenswold:

  • Thomas Fox (William & Margaret) chr. 23 March 1839, Womenswold.
  • Mary Ann Fox (William & Margaret) chr 29 May 1840, Womenswold.
  • James Fox (William & Margaret) chr.28 Aug 1842, Womenswold.
  • Joseph Fox (William & Margaret) b.6 April 1844, chr. 1 June 1844, Womenswold.
  • Jane Fox (William & Margaret) b.11 Jan 1846, chr.1st March 1846, Womenswold.
  • Charles Fox (William & Margaret) chr. 13 Feb 1848, Womenswold.
  • Frederick Fox (William and Margaret) chr.10 Feb 1850, Womenswold.
  • James Garlinge (James & Jane) chr.16 May 1852, Womenswold
  • Fanny Fox (William & Margaret) chr.12 Dec 1852, Womenswold (father beer shop keeper).
  • Alfred Garlinge (James and Jane) chr.24 July 1853, Womenswold.
  • Jane Garlinge (James & Jane) ch. 29 Oct 1854, Womeswold.
  • Catherine Fox (William and Margaret) ch.24 June 1855, Womenswold.
  • Mary Garlinge (James & Jane) ch.25 May 1856, Womenswold.
  • Lydia Garlinge (James & Jane) ch.23 May 1858, Womenswold.
  • George Garlinge (James & Jane) ch.29 Jan 1860, Womenswold
  • Elizabeth Garlinge (James & Jane) ch.20 April 1862, Womenswold.
  • Louisa Garlinge (James & Jane) c.12 July 1863, Womenswold.
  • Mary Anne Fox (George & Charlotte) chr.5 Nov 1865, Womenswold (Labourer)
  • William James Fox (James & Elizabeth Annie), chr.29 April 1866, Womenswold (Labourer)
  • John Garlinge (James & Jane) c.3rd Feb 1867, Womenswold.
  • Fanny Charlotte Fox (George & Charlotte), chr.10 Nov 1867, Womenswold (Labourer)
  • Henry Garlinge (James & Jane) c.25 Nov 1868, Womenswold.
  • Charles Fox (George & Charlotte) chr.16 July 1871, Womenswold (Labourer)
  • Frederick James Fox (James & Anne) 16 Feb 1873, Woolwich, Womenswold (Labourer)
  • George Fox (George & Charlotte) 21 June 1874, Woolwich, Womenswold (labourer)
  • Joseph Fox (James & Anne) 18 Nov 1875, Woolwich, Womenswold (labourer)
  • Frank Fox (George & Charlotte) 14 Jan 1877, Woolwich, Wymynswold (Woodfeller)
  • Emily Ellen Fox (John & Annetta) chr. 31 March 1878, Woolwich, Wymynswold (Pensioner)
  • Herbert Fox (James & Anne) chr. 28 July 1878, Woolwich, Wymynswold (Labourer)
  • Jane Marin Fox (George & Charlotte) chr.16 Nov 1879, Woolwich, Wymynswold (Wood Feller)
  • John Fox (James & Anne) chr. 13 Nov 1881, Woolwich, Wymynswold (farmer)
  • Thomas William Fox (George & Charlotte) chr.28 May 1882, Woolwich, Wymynswold (labourer)
  • Ethel Matilda May Fox (George & Charlotte) chr.21 Oct 1883, Woolwich, Wymynswold (labourer)
  • John Henry Fox (Mary Anne) chr.15 Jan 1884, Woolwich alias Woolage, Wymynswold (spinster)
  • Mabel Louisa Agnes Fox (George & Charlotte) cr. 15 Aug 1886, Woolwich Green, Womenswould (labourer).
  • Emma Elizabeth Fox (George & Charlotte) chr.19 July 1887, Woolwich Green, Womenswould.
  • Elizabeth Emma Fox (George & Charlotte) chr.19 July 1887, Woolwich Green, Womenswould.
  • Clara Constance Fox (Jane) chr. 15 Apr 1888, Woolwich Green, Womenswold (spinster).
  • William Henry John Fox (Robert William & Emily Maud) chr.25 Nov 1894 Woolage.

Baptisms at Nonington:

  • Charlotte Garlinge (Thomas and Charlotte), chr.27 August 1843, Nonington (Labourer)
  • George Garlinge (George & Sarah), b.22 Dec 1843, chr.3 March 1844, Nonington (Labourer)