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Born: Died: Married: Mother: Mary Ann Father: James Johnson Descendant: Charles J. Watson
Census 1841 1851 1861 1871 1881 1891 1901 1911 1921

Jane Johnson was the mother of Charles J. Watson. She was born around 1845 in South Shields, Durham. Her father was James Johnson, a mariner, and her mother was Mary Ann Johnson).

A Jane Johnson was born on the 8th February, and christened on the 31st March 1844 at St Hilda, South Shields, Durham. Her father was James Jefferson Johnson, and her mother was Mary Ann Johnson.

A Jane Johnson was registered in the first quarter of 1844 in South Shields, Durham (Vol 24, Page 165) - likely to be the one above. Another was registered on in the last quarter of 1843 in South Shieds, Vol 24, Page 196.

A Jane Johnson who was born on the 20th August 1843 (c. 12 Jan 1844) had a father who was George Johnson (so not ours). A Jane Hannah Johnson, baptised on 26th April 1843 had a father who was Robert Johnson (so not ours).

There are two candidates in the 1851 census (of the right age, and who doesn't have a father called something other than James).

  • There is one in Minor Lane, who is living with her widowed mother Mary Ann Johnson (27, Milliner) and her mother's sister Jane Collett (19, Domestic Servant).
  • There is one in Westoe who is living with her widowed grand-mother (also a Jane Johnson, 56, widow of a coal miner). None of the grandmother's sons at home are married, so no idea what the father is called. A matching Jane in the 1841 had two sons at home, John and Joseph.

There is a Jane Johnson (17, dressmaker) in 1861 who is living with her mother Mary Ann Robson (~1824, South Shields) at 42 Wapping Street, South Shields. If this is our Jane Johnson then this means that her father James Johnson must have died between her birth (around 1845) and this census (1861). And her mother must have married someone called Robson. There is a Mary Ann Johnson who married an John Robson in 27th November 1853. Her father was given as Edward Collett (so not Johnson). The marriage was at Tynemouth, Christ Church, Northumberland. One Mary Ann Collett married a James Javerson Johnson on Q2 1843, reg South Shields, vol 24, page 177. In 1861 there is another Mary Ann Robson living with a John Robson. So that might not be the right one.

The death of one Mary Ann Robson (born ~1824) was registered in Q1, 1887 at age 63 in South Shields, vol 10a, page 381. Another death of a Mary Ann Robson (born ~1824) was registered in Tynemouth, in Q2, 1940, vol 10b, page 161.



She married Charles Watson (who was a mariner born in Sweden) on the 31st January 1864 in the Parish Church of St. Hilda, South Shields.

1864. Marriage solemnized at Parish Church in the Parish of St Hilda, South Shields in the County of Durham
When Married. Name and Surname. Age Condition. Rank or Profession Residence at the Time of Marriage Father's Name and Surname Rank or Profession of Father
January 31st 1864 Charles Watson of full age Bachelor Mariner Parish of St Hilda Isaac Watson Mariner
Jane Johnson of full age Spinster --------- South Shields James Johnson Mariner
Married in the Parish Church according to the Rites and Ceremonies of the Established Church, after banns by me, G.T.Cull Bennett
This marriage was solemnized between us Charles Watson In the Presence of us Robert Gibson Allan
Jane Johnson Sarah Pye


They had at least three children:

  • Charles J Watson (December 1864)
  • Frederick J. Watson (~1867)
  • Alfred W. Watson (~1870).

For the censuses from 1871, 1881 and 1891 she was at home at 165 Eldon Street and then 156 Eldon Street, Westoe, South Shields, Durham, England. In 1871 she was listed as a dressmaker, and her three sons are living with her (however her husband was absent).

In 1871 there is a Mary A. Robson (widow) living alone apart from a boarder at 122 Elden Street. This is probably her mother.

In 1881 both her husband and her three children are still living with her, but the eldest Charles J. and Frederick are listed as being employed as butchers. By 1891 her eldest sons have left, and her youngest, Alfred, is a clothier's assistant.

By 1901 her children had moved away, and so Jane is living with her husbandCharles at 74-76 Marshall Wallis Road, South Shields, along with a servant called Margaret Walker. There is another family of Watson's, headed by George Watson, living close-by at number 82 Marshall Wallis road.

By 1911 Charles and Jane have moved to Heads Hook, near Carlisle, in Cumberland (now Cumbria). They are living in a small two room house with a boarder. Charles is listed as a Home Missioner (a member of the Baptist Church). Strangely they also list not having any children, but I think this is a mistake.


Her husband Charles Watson died on the 13th November 1911 at Great Corby, Wetheral near Carlisle. His death was registered two days later by Jane, who was living at Heads Nook, Wetheral.

The death of one Jane Watson (77) was registered in South Shields in q2, 1920 (vol 10a, page 1032), however her husband was given as James Watson, so this is not the right one.

Other References

One Jane Johnson's birth was registered in South Shields, XXIV, 185, Q1(Jan-Mar) 1884