Eugenie Gordon

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Born: 30 Dec 1887 Died: 8 June 1975 Married: Robert Watson Mother: Janet Balfour Father: Samuel Gordon Descendant: Jean Balfour Watson
Census 1841 1851 1861 1871 1881 1891 1901 1911 1921
Eugenie Gordon

Eugenie Gordon was the daughter of Samuel Gordon and Janet Balfour.

She was born in 1887 in St Pancras, London.

She married Robert Watson, and they a daughter.


Eugenie Gordon was born on the 30th October 1887, and baptised 16th April 1888 at St. Pancras, London.

Later records such as the death register, and the 1939 register, state her birth date as 30 Oct 1888, however it is clear from the Baptism register of Saint Pancras that she was baptised in April 1888 (this can't be a typo as there are many pages of children born in that month - and the register appears to have been contemporaneously written by multiple hands), and so she could not have been born after this.

Her parents were Samuel Gordon and Janet Balfour living at 84 Marchmont Street, London. Her father was a fishmonger.

By 1891 they have moved to 60 Compton Street, St Pancras where her parents have had six more children, twins Hannah and Jane Garvie, Isabella, Alice, Eugenie and Samuel J. Gordon. At this time her father Samuel is still a Fishmonger. Even with this number of children they can still afford a servant!

They are still at 60 Compton Street for the 1901 census, where her family has gained three more children, John, George, and Eva, although sadly we appear to have lost young Samuel, whose death (Samuel James Gordon) was registered in the September quarter of 1891 in St Pancras at the age of 2.

On the night of 2 April 1911, her family is living at 76 Marchmont Street, London. With her parents Samuel Gordon and Janet Gordon there are six children still with them, plus a servant Evelyn Marsh. Eugenie's profession is listed as "cook" at home.

She then went to live in Sterling, Scotland, where she worked at a restaurant called McClahlan.


Eugenie was first engaged to someone else to be married, but he was killed in the First World War, which is why she was older than the average at the time to get married.

Eugenie married Robert Norman Watson on the 23rd January 1922 at the Holy Trinity Church, in the parish of Barnes. Their fathers were given as Samuel Gordon and Charles John Watson.

1922. Marriage solemnized at Holy Trinity Church in the Parish of Barnes in the County of Surrey
When Married. Name and Surname. Age Condition. Rank or Profession Residence at the Time of Marriage Father's Name and Surname Rank or Profession of Father
January 23rd 1922 Robert Norman Watson 31 Bachelor Engineer 148 Castelnau, Barnes Charles John Watson Butcher
Eugenie Gordon 34 Spinster --------- 148 Castelnau, Barnes Samuel Gordon Fishmonger
Married in the Church of the Holy Trinity according to the Rites and Ceremonies of the Established Church, by License by me, Frank Inigo Harrison, Vicar
This marriage was solemnized between us Robert Norman Watson In the Presence of us Eugenie Gordon
Chas J Watson Samuel Gordon
Douce Boutall

Wedding breakfast table, Castelnau Gardens, January 1922

Shortly after being married, on the 23rd June 1922, Eugenie travelled (2nd class) to Calcutta, India on the "Morvada":

  • Watson, Mrs. Eugenie, of 148 Castelnau Barnes, 34 years old (unaccompanied by husband)

It appears she was following her husband who travelled on the 3rd February 1922, also on the "Morvada":

  • Watson, Robert Norman, of 148 Castelnau Barnes, 31 years old (unaccompanied by wife - intention of permanent residence in India)

The S.S. Morvada was a combination passenger & cargo liner built in 1914 for the London to Calcutta route.

Eugenie Gordon (right), her sister Jean Garvie Bassham (left) and Thomas Bateman Bassham

In 1939 she is living with her husband at 109 Sussex Road, Lowestoft:

  • Robert N. Watson (b. 14 Jan 1891) - Marine Engineer
  • Eugenie Watson (b. 30 Oct 1888) - Unpaid Domestic Duties
  • Entry officially closed.


They had one daughter, Jean Balfour Watson

On the 2nd November 1941 her husband Robert Watson was killed when his ship the Larwood was sunk by a German submarine.


Eugenie died on the 8th June 1975 at 109 Sussex Road, Lowestoft, Suffolk.

Probate was at Ipswich, on the 3rd October 1975 of £9784.

BMD:D: Q2, 1975, Waveney, Suffolk, Vol:10, P:3011.

Other References

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This will almost certainly be her sister Jean/Jane/Jeanie:

BMD: Jean Garvie Gordon, Marriage, Jun 1908, St. Giles, Volume 1b, Page 1059 (males on that page transcribed so far are Thomas Bateman Bassham and William Chatwynd Gardiner). Images confirm that there is no Robert Watson on that page.