William Chettleburgh (Uncle)

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Born: 22 Mar 1812 Died: 3 April 1892 Married: Jemima Gooden Mother: Elizabeth Burgoine Father: Robert Chettleburgh Nephew: William Chettleburgh
Census 1841 1851 1861 1871 1881 1891 1901 1911 1921

William Chettleburgh was born in Norwich around 1812 (from the 1891 census)

He is important as he was the uncle of our other William Chettleburgh who is tricky to track down as he was illegitimate. We suspect that he is an uncle by virtue of being the brother of Sarah Chettleburgh, who was unmarried at the time of giving birth to a William Chettleburgh.

He lived along with them at The Cricketer's Arms in Lindley St in 1891.


William Chettleburgh (Uncle to William Chettleburgh), was born on the 22nd March 1812 to Robert Chettleburgh and Elizabeth Chettleburgh (neé Burgoine).

In 1841, William is a servant at the house of Francis Cresswell, or at least as an attached household full of servants at King's Staith Square, in King's Lynn. One of those people was Jemima Goodens, his future wife. He is listed as "M.S" (Male Servant), and she as "F.S." or female servant.

Living with Francis Cresswell is his wife Rachel Elizabeth Cresswell (nee Fry) - the daughter of the famous Elizabeth Fry.


William married Jemima Gooden on the 11th March 1847 in King's Lynn. His father was listed as Robert Chettleburgh (a glover).

1847. Marriage solemnized at King's Lynn in the Parish of St Margaret in the County of Norfolk
When Married. Name and Surname. Age Condition. Rank or Profession Residence at the Time of Marriage Father's Name and Surname Rank or Profession of Father

March 11th 1847

William Chettleburgh 35 Bachelor Servant King's Staith Square Robert Chettleburgh Glover
Jemima Gooden 34 Spinster Servant King's Staith Square Christopher Gooden Basket Maker
Married in the Chapel off St Nickolas according to the Rites and Ceremonies of the Established Church After Banns by me William Snell
This marriage was solemnized between us William Chettleburgh In the Presence of us William Gooden
Jemima Gooden Harriet Lancaster


  • William Chettleburgh, baptised 9th January 1848 at St Margaret, King's Lynn. Residence New Conduit Street. To William (servant) and Jemima Chettleburgh.
  • Francis Chettleburgh ~1853. Became a clerk.

In 1851 he was living in a house in Bracondale, as a butler to Addison John Cresswell and his family.

In 1861 William was living at Bank House in King's Lynn, where he was the butler to the late Francis Cresswell.

In 1861 his family: Jemima (40), William (13) and Francis (8) were living at Hull Wharf in King's Lynn. She was described as "Butler's wife, he living with the Family"

In 1871 his family was living at Whencop Place in King's Lynn (next to Clough Lane). He himself was not there for the census, his wife being head of the household and described as "Butler's Wife", instead in 1871 he was at Market Place in King's Lynn, still as a butler for the Cresswell family, although both Francis Cresswell, and Addison Cresswell are both now deceased. There still remains Rachel Elizabeth Cresswell and her son Oswald.

Jemima Chettleburgh (nee Gooden) died on the 12th June 1877 in King's Lynn, Norfolk, at the age of 65.


In 1881 he was a 69 and a widower (an annuitant) living with his nephew William Chettleburgh's family in Lakenham, Norwich and he was still living there in 1891 when they were at The Cricketer's Arms, Lindley Street, (New) Lakenham,

He died on the 3rd April 1892, and was buried 8th April 1892 at the ripe old age of 80 whilst still living in Lindley Street (exact address unknown, but assumed to be the Cricketer's Arms).

The probate read:

  • CHETTLEBURGH William of New Lakenham butler died 3 April 1892 Probate Norwich 8 June to William Chettleburgh clears in the Admiralty Office and Francis Chettleburgh solicitor's clerk Effects £21 0s. 6d.

I assume that the people he left his effects to were his sons, certainly he had one called William.

Other Records

I believe that I have found him in the 1851 census, working as a butler in Bracondale. He is listed as married, but I haven't found his family yet.

There is a married mother in Kings Lynn called Jemima Chittleberg with a son called William (3), but the birthplaces are not given.

There is also an Elizabeth Chettleburgh working as a servant in Bracondale in 1851, and she is 23, however she is listed as unmarried.

There is a Harriet Chettleborough, a 32 year old governess, however she also is listed as unmarried.

There is also an Elizth Chettlebarrow, who is married and a servant, however at 70 years old in 1851, she is unlikely to be his wife.