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Born: 8 March 1890 Died: 20 July 1978 Married: Ethel Churm Mother: Father: Mir Hosain Syed Descendant:
Census 1841 1851 1861 1871 1881 1891 1901 1911 1921

Ross Syed was born with the name Iqbal Hosain Syed (sometimes Igbal, sometimes Hossain) on the 8th March 1890 in Agra in India. His father was Mir Hossain Syed. He went to school in a town called Ajmer in India, after which he went on to university at Manchester University in England reading medicine. This was the first visit to England, and he never went back to India. His stepmother cut off his allowance when his father died (before 1922). So he had to qualify as quickly as possible. His father was a judge in India, and used to go on circuit with a large retinue.

From the Yorkshire Post and Leeds Intelligencer, 10th July 1915:

At the quarterly examination in Practical Pharmacy, held on the 8th July, the following candidates were approved:-
... I. H. Syed, Bombay Univ, ...


He married Ethel Handforth Churm, a temporary nurse during the war years who came from a shop keeping family, when he was Christened Ross Syed.

Iqbal Hosain Syed married Ethel Handforth Churm on the 2nd October 1922 at St. Anne's Church in the parish of Sale, in the county of Chester (Manchester, Cheshire).

He was 31, a bachelor, and a Doctor of Medicine in residence at Duff House, Horwich. His father was given as Mir Hosain Syed (deceased) a Judicial Minister.

Ethel Churm was 29, a spinster, and lived at Clevelands, Charlton Drive, Sale. Her father was William Joseph Churm a Provision Merchant.

Marriage IqbalHosainSyed EthelHandforthChurm 1922 crop small.jpg


Ross was the owner of a Railton car, licence plate JP 243, which he entered into both the Scottish and Welsh rallies. In the first picture he is in the driving seat, in the second photo (at Garron Bridge Inveraray) he is in the passenger seat.

Dr.I.H.Syed in his original Railton (the fast one), with aluminium body (153).jpgDr.I.H.Syed (Garron Bridge Inverary 153).jpg


They had two children Philip and Keith.

Ross took a job as an assistant to a General Practitioner (GP) until the GP died, at which point he took over the practice. He continued in this post for 49 years.

The Medical and Dental Student's Register of 1915 said:

SYED, Iqbal Hosain
Preliminary Examination in Arts: 
     Allahabad inter. Arts.; 1909
     Coll. Precep.;  June, 1915
Date of Registration: Nov. 5 E.
Place of commencement of Medical Study: Vict. Univ. Man.c; October 1, 1913.

In the 1924 Kelly's Directory his entry in the Horwich commercial section was:

Syed Iqbal Hosain L.M.S.S.A.Lond. 
physician & surgeon, 295 Chorley New road.

He was listed in The Medical Directory 1920 & 1925:

SYED, Iqbal Hosain, Duff House, Horwich (Rai & 
Syed Nat. Tel. Horwich 186)- L.M.S.S.A. Lond. 1917 ;
(Bombay & Owens Coll. Manch.) ; Clin. Asst. Genito-Urin. 
Dept. (late Ho. Surg. & Ho. Phys.) Salford Roy. Hosp.;
Mem. B.M.A.

He was listed in The Medical Directory 1930:

SYED, Iqbal Hosain, Derwent House, Horwich, nr. 
Bolton, Lancs. (Tel. Horwich 182)- L.M.S.S.A. Lond.
1917 ; (Bombay & Manch.) ; Mem.Manch. M.-C. & Obst.
Soc. & B.M.A. ; late Clin. Asst. Genito-Urin. Dept. &
Ho. Surg. & Ho. Phys. Salford Roy. Hosp.

Other entries in The Medical Directory in later years were similar (e.g. 1935, 1942, etc).

In the 1939 register he is living at 305 Chorley New Road, Horwich, Lancashire. The residents were:

  • Iqbal H. Syed, born 8th March 1890, Medical Practitioner (Deputy Medical Practitioner, First Aid, A.R.P.)
  • Ethel H. Syed, born 19th September 1892, Unpaid Domestic Duties (Ambulance Driver, A.R.P.)
  • Winifred A. Donald, born 24th August 1903, Unpaid Domestic Duties (married)
  • Lilian Hatton (Hart), born 23rd February 1916, Domestic Servant (single)
  • two closed entries (persons born after 1914).

The Winifred A. Donald is most likely his sister-in-law.


He died on the 20th July 1978 at the age of 88, and he was cremated on the 26th July.

The registration of death of Iqbal Hosain Syed occurred in Q3 1978. His date of birth was given as the 8th March 1888. District Cheltenham, Vol. 22 Page 1295.


SYED, Iqbal Hosain otherwise Iqbal Hosain of 6 Beverley 
Gdns Woodmancote Cheltenham died 20 July 1978 Probate 
Liverpool 4 September £14154 781607761N

Other Information

Railton Terraplane

It appears from these photographs that one of his hobbies was rallying cars: