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Born: ~1810 Died: 1864 Married: Isaac Bartram Mother: Father: Descendant: Elizabeth Bartram
Census 1841 1851 1861 1871 1881 1891 1901 1911 1921

Phebe (or Phoebe or Phobe) Gay was the mother of Elizabeth Bartram (or Bertram). In her marriage she signed her name Phebe Gay.


She was born in around 1797 to 1806 in Wymondham, Norfolk.

The legal age for marriage was 12 (albeit highly unusual), and she was married in 1818, therefore the absolute latest year of her birth legally would be 1806. Most people were married between 16 and 24, which would put her year of birth roughly between 1794 and 1802.


Phoebe Gay married Isaac Bartram on the 8th November 1818, in Wymondham, Norfolk. Both were of the parish, and bachelor and spinster.

Banns were read on the 11th, 18th, and 25th October 1818.

One of the witnesses was a John Gay. The next day, on the 9th November 1818, John Gay was married to Mary Thrower, and Phebe Gay was one of the witnesses! Their banns were read on the 25th October, and the 1st and 8th November 1818.

IsaacBartram PhebeGay Marriage.jpg


On the night of 6 June 1841 1841 she was living with her family at Mill Street in the Hamlet of Lakenham, Norwich.

On the night of 30 March 1851 she and her husband Isaac Bartram were living at No. 6, Trafalgar Street, Lakenham, Norwich.

On the night of 7 April 1861 Phebe Bartram nee Gay and Isaac Bartram were living together (alone) at 22 Trafalgar Street, St Mark's, Norwich.


Phebe's death was registered in Q3, 1864 in Norwich, vol. 4b p87?

Her husband remarried in 1865.

Other Records

   William son of William and Elizabeth Gay was born September 2nd and baptized 19th October 1795. Wymondham.
  Ann Daughter of John and Sarah Gay was born December 4th 1793 and baptized 1st January 1794. Wymondham.
   William son of John and Sarah Gay was born March 25th & Baptised 1st April 1792. Wymondham
  Sarah Daughter of WIlliam and Elizabeth Gay (late Lavory Spinster) Privately baptized 25th April 1790. Wymondham.
  Maria daughter of William and Mary Gray was born September 14th and baptised 19th October 1796. Wymondham.

  Hannah daughter of John and Sarah Gray was born Nov 16th and baptised 18th December 1796. Wymondham.
  George son of William and Mary Gay was born Mov 24th 1797 & baptised 3rd January 1798. Wymondham.
  Ruth daughter of James and Catherine Gay was born February 17th & baptised 20th March 1799. Wymondham.
  Elizabeth daughter of John and Sarah Gay was born February 2nd? and baptised 19th February 1800. Wymondham.
  George natural son of Mary Gay born May 16th and baptised 1st July 1801. Wymondham.
   Martha Margeram daughter of John and Sarah Gay born April 1st and baptised 4th April 1802. Wymondham.
   Benjamin son of John and Sarah Gay born February 13th and Baptised 15 February 1804. Wymondham. p111 y p112 y p113/4 y p116 y p117 y p118/9 y p120/1 y p122/3 y p126/7 y p128/9 y p130/1 y p132/3 y p134/5 y p136 y p137 y p138 y p139 y p140 y p141 y p142/3 y p144