Mary Barker

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Born: Died: Married: James Richardson Mother: Father: Descendant: Pelham Richardson

Mary Barker married James Mallcott Richardson, a stationer and bookseller, and had several children with him, including Pelham Richardson.

She died in 1817 at the age of 36 in Cornhill, London.


Mary married James Mallcott Richardson on the 12th April 1801 at St Luke Chelsea.

He was listed as a widower of the parish of St Mary Abchurch, his first wife Sophia Hart had died in February 1800.

They were married in the presence of Jane Barker and Benjamin Bracknell (or Brecknell)


Mary was the mother with James Mallcott Richardson of:

  • Lawford Richardson (b.23 Feb 1802 c.5 May 1802 St Michael Cornhill)
  • Emily Jane Richardson (b. 23 Mar 1803 c 19 Apr 1803 St Michael Cornhill)
  • Pelham Richardson (b.1804 c.17 Apr 1805)
  • Helen Richardson (b.21 Dec 1808 c.8 Aug 1810 St Michael Cornhill)
  • Magdeline De Visme Richardson (b.20 Apr 1810 c.8 Aug 1810 St Micheal Cornhill)
  • Murray Richardson (b. 1 Aug 1811, c.17 Apr 1816 St Michael Cornhill)
  • Clara Arundel Richardson (b. 14 Dec 1812, c.17 Apr 1816 St Michael Cornhill)
  • Frances Mary Richardson (b. 1 Feb 1815, c.17 Apr 1816 St Michael Cornhill)
  • Pennington James Richardson, (b. 18 Feb 1816, c.17 Apr 1816 St Michael Cornhill)
  • Guildford Barker Richardson (12 Apr 1817-1895)

Baptism of Guildford
Baptism of Murray, Clara, Frances, and Pennington


Mary died in 1817.

Mary Richardson, a resident of Cornhill, was buried on the 3rd May 1817 in the Old Vault, she was 36 years old.