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Born: Died: 6 May 1832 Married: Elizabeth Mary King Mother: Father: Jasper Taylor Descendant: Emma King Taylor
Census 1841 1851 1861 1871 1881 1891 1901 1911 1921

Jasper Taylor (the third of that name) was the father of Emma King Taylor. He owned what we would consider a delicatessen at 17 Holborn, London (opposite Furnival's Inn where Charles Dickens once lived).


Jasper Taylor was baptised on the 4th December 1772 at Saint Andrew, Holborn, London.

His father was Jasper Taylor of Holborn, and his mother was Priscilla.

Death in the Morning Chronicle 9th January 1829:


On the 7th inst. after a short illness, Mrs. King, mother of Mr. Jasper Taylor, of Holborn.


Jasper Taylor married Elizabeth Mary King on the 13th June 1801 at Saint Mary, St Marylebone Road, London.

From Pallot's: Taylor, Jasper (the jr) of St Andrew, Holborn, London bachelor with Elizabeth Mary King, spinster (a minor) Edward King her father.

Marriage at St. Andrew's, Holborn, Middlesex (21st April 1798):

Jasper Taylor of the parish of Saint Andrew, Holborn in the county of Middlesex widower and Ann Law of the parish of Saint Saviour Southward in the county of Surrey, spinster, a minor, were married in this Church by license by and with the consent of William Moss the guardian appointed by the will of Thomas Law deceased whilst living the natural and lawfull father of the said minor, on the Twenty-first Day of April in the year One Thousand seven hundred and Ninety-Eight. This marriage was solemnized between us Jasper Taylor and Ann Law. In the presence of us, William Moss and Thomas Bayley.

Morning Post - 15th June 1801


On Saturday last, Mr. Jasper Taylor, jun. of Holborn to Miss King, of Wimpole-street.

In 1823 he was thanked for being on the Tythe committee at St. Andrew's, Holborn which oversaw the switch from tithes to a fixed stipend for the Rector.



  • Jasper King Taylor, b. 11 Feb 1806, c. 20 Nov 1806(Saint Andrew,Holborn)
  • Eliza. King Taylor (eldest daughter) b. 19 April 1804 at Dyers Buildings, Holborn. c. 13 June, 1804.
  • Priscilla H Taylor b.~1810
  • Emma King Taylor b. 6 Mar 1814, c. 27 Dec 1814, Saint Andrew, Holborn, London.
  • Frances Taylor b.~1818
  • Alfred King Taylor b.~1821

The mariage of his son in the Cambridge Chronicle and Journal, 2nd May 1828:

On Tuesday last, as St. Botolph's church, (by the Rev. G.A.Browne,) Mr. Jasper King Taylor, eldest son of Mr. Jasper Taylor, of Lower Holborn, to Anne, eldest daughter of Mr. David King, of Silver-street.

Morning Chronicle, 1st May 1828:

Jasper King Taylor


On the 29th ult. , at St. Botolph's, Cambridge, Mr. Jasper King Taylor, of Goswell-street, to Ann, eldest daughter of Mr. King, of Silver-street, Cambridge.

Cambridge Independent Press, 30th June 1855:

The Estate if the late Mr. Jasper King Taylor.

All persons having claims or demands upon the Estate if Mr. Jasper King Taylor, late of Silver-street, Cambridge, Cook of Queen's College, in the University of Cambridge, are requested forthwith to send particulars thereof to me, the undersigned, in order that the same may be examined, and if found correct, discharged. And all Persons indebted to the Estate are requested to pay the amount of their debts to me, the undersigned.

David King, Solicitor, Cambridge. By order of the Executrix. June 23, 1855.

Eliza. Taylor

London Evening Standard, 20th November 1829:

Nov. 19, 1829 at St. Andrew's Hoborn, Mr. W. W. Burford, of Garnault-place, to Eliza. King, eldest daughter of Mr. Jasper Taylor, of Holborn.

In 1814 his profession was given as an Oilman, and his address was 17 Holborn.

Valet and Cook wanted (1823)

Morning Post 27th November 1823 -

WANTS a Situation as VALET, or Servant to a Single Gentleman, a steady young Man who can have an undeniable character from the Gentleman he is about leaving, with whom has has lived five years. Address, post paid, to E.M. at Mr. Jasper Taylor's, Oilman, Holborn; or Mr. Tucker's, Fishmonger, Great Russell-street, who will give satisfactory reference if requested.

Morning Post 18th February 1824 -

WANTS a Situation as COOK and HOUSEKEEPER in a genteel Family, or a single Gentleman, a steady Person, with a good character, who understands cookery in all its branches (both French and English), pastry, pickling, preserving, jellies, ices, &c.; can conduct a family with the greatest economy ; no objection to town or country. Letters, post paid, addressed to O.Y., Mr. Jasper Taylor's, Oilman, 17, Holborn, near Castle-street.

Morning Post 9th April 1824 -

WANTS a Situation as COOK in a Gentleman's family, where a Kitchen-maid is kept, a Young Woman, 27 years of age : can have a good character, where she lived four years. Direct to G.S., at Mr. Jasper's Taylor, 17, Lower Holborn.

New Invention (1825)

Morning Post, 15th April 1825:

IMPORTANT TO FAMILIES.- JASPER TAYLOR has the honour of submitting to the Nobility, Gentry, and his Friends a new Invesntion, viz, a CURIOUS LIQUOR for MAKING MUSTARD, by the use of which as considerable saving is effected, as Mustard mixed with it will not ferment, will keep for a length of time, retain its flavour, and bear the test of all climates. Sauce Epicurienne, so highly approved with fish, made dishes, gravies, hot and cold meats, &c. Also, his much-improved Tomata Sauce, now brought to the highest perfection; Colouring for gravies, Soups, &c. a most convenient article; Portable Soups, glaze for hams, tongues, &c. The largest assortment and greatest variety of Fish Sauces; together with every article in the Oil and Italian Trades, of the best king, and at the lowest prices. Genuine Durham Flour of Mustard, of a very superior quality. Plumbago, or Pencil Black. Lead univerally admired, in boxes at 1s. and 2s. each. - No. 17. opposite Furnival's Inn, Holborn.

The Royal Sauce (1830)

Manchester Courier and Lancashire General Advertiser - 25th December 1830

THE ROYAL SAUCE for General Purposes, patronised by the Nobility and Gentry. - The extraordinary and peculiar qualities of this newly-invented sauce, render it most desirable for its general introduction, as being an agreeable and delicious assistance to all sorts of fish, game, steaks, hashes, stews, roasted meat, &c. The high estimation and acknowledged superiority to anything that has been brought forward (by those that have tried it), has induced the proprietor to offer it to the public as a valuable requisite.

The gret attention that has been paid to brining it to satisfaction, will secure its preservation and lasting qualities in any climate; it will therefore be of the greatest utility to captains of ships, &c.

Sold, wholesale, retail, and for exportation, by the inventor, Jasper Taylor, 17, Lower Holborn, London; and by most oilmen and fishmongers in the kingdom, by bottles, 2s. and 4s. each.

Shop Removal

From The Examiner, 8th Oct 1842

NOTICE of REMOVAL.- E. and T. Taylor's BRITISH WINE, OIL, and ITALIAN WAREHOUSE, is REMOVED from 17 Holborn, to 38 BROOKE STREET, nearly opposite.

CAUTION.- The only house in the kingdom for E. and T. Taylor's CELEBRATED GINGER WINE, allowed by the Medial Faculty to be the finest Sommachie ever introduced. 18s. per dozen.



Cambridge Chronicle and Journal 11th May 1832


On the 6th inst. at his house, 17, Lower Holborn, Mr. Jasper Taylor, aged 60 years. His loss will be deeply felt by his numerous family and friends.

By 1844 the property at 17 Holborn was occupied by the London Paper and Parchment company.


For example the undated trade card of Jasper Taylor of London, Oil-man & Hair Powder Manufacturer, British Museum, Prints and Drawings, Banks collection, 89.41-3.

The Gentleman's Magazine, Volume 86 1799

Dec. 9th - Aged 21, Mrs. Anne Taylor, wife of Mr. Jafper Taylor, mercer, Holborn, who alfo died on the 11th, aged 29, leaving three infant orphans.

This Other clocks and instruments's Maker - Jasper Taylor in Grays Inn ( London ). Recorded born circa 1671, son of the famous Thomas Taylor of Holborn, apprenticed to him 1685/6 til 1692.Freed 1692.Clockmakers Company 1695 - 1714.

The will of Frederick Pollet (related by marriage) said "in acknowledgment of the most disinterested and sincere friendship I at all times experienced from my very respected friend and cousin Jasper Taylor late of Lower Holborn in the City of London Middlesex oilman, I give the same unto Elizabeth Mary the widow of the said my very respected friend and cousin, and upon her decease equally to their sons and daughters."