Isabella Longmire

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Born: ~1736 Died: 29 Feb 1796 Married: John Lambert Mother: Father: Descendant: William Lambert



Isabella Longmire married John Lambert on the 25th February 1756 in Bolton, Westmorland.


  • Thomas Lambert, baptised 12 Jan 1757, Bolton, Westmorland (father John), of St Georges Hannover Square, was buried 24 June 1821, at St John the Evangelist, Westminster, aged 64 years old.
  • William Lambert, baptised 19 April 1759, Bolton, Westmorland (father John).
  • Mary Lambert, baptised 26 Mar 1761, Bolton, Westmorland (m. John Horsley of Bolton) - father John, mother Elizabeth...
  • Joseph Lambert, baptised 1 Aug 1763, Bolton, Westmorland (father John).
  • John Lambert, baptised 24 Feb 1766, Bolton, Westmorland (father John, mother Isabella).
  • Grace Lambert, baptised 10 Jun 1768, Bolton, Westmorland (father John) (m. Thomas Goosburn of Bolton).
  • Richard Lambert, baptised 6 Sep 1770, Bolton, Westmorland (father John, mother Isabel).
  • Robert Lambert, baptised 5 Feb 1776, Bolton, Westmorland (father John, mother Isabel).
  • Ralph Lambert, baptised 26 Apr 1777, Bolton, Westmorland (father John, mother Isabel).


Isabella Lambert died on the 29th February 1796 at the age of 60 and was buried at All Saints Churchyard, Bolton, Eden District, Cumbria, England

The stone read:

  To the Memory of Isabel
  Wife of John Lambert who de
  parted this Life February 29th 1796.
  Aged 60.

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