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Born: 25 Dec 1844 Died: 1900 Married: Phoebe Smith Mother: Mary Bullin Father: William Carrington Descendant: James Carrington
Census 1841 1851 1861 1871 1881 1891 1901 1911 1921


Henry Carrington was born in Litcham on Christmas day 1844.

His marriage certificate to a Phoebe Smith says his father was John Carrington, but I think that was a mistake as the censuses and birth registry says William Carrington...

1845 BIRTH in the Sub-district of Litcham in the County of Norfolk
When and where born Name, if any Sex Name and surname of father Name, surname, and maiden name of mother Occupation of father Signature, description and residence of informant When Registered
Twenty Fifth of December 1844
East Lexham.
Henry Boy William Carrington Mary Carrington formerly Bulling Gardener W. Carrington, Father
East Lexham
Eighteenth of February 1845

But the marriage certificate would put his birth in 1843, while the census 1845...

He was baptised in East Lexham (adjacent to Litcham) on the 6th June 1847, his parents were given as William (a gardener) and Mary Carrington. Also baptised on the same day was his brother John Carrington.

In 1851 he was 6 years old and living with his parents William (from Holkham) and Mary (from Wells) in Litcham, Norfolk.

By 1861 his family had moved to Trory Street in Lakenham in Norwich (south of the now disappeared Victoria Railway Station). Henry was 16 and a gardener like his father William.


He was married to Phoebe Smith, and had many children including James Carrington in 1868.

His marriage certificate lists his father as John Carrington, but I think this must be a mistake, as all other references call him William Carrington. Also the wedding registration lists his age as 20, when it is the day before his 19th birthday. It appears he was married in the registry office, so no church records exist to confirm or deny these statements. The copy of registration looks suspiciously like it has been transcribed, as all the writing is in the same hand, including the signatures of Henry and Phoebe.

1863. Marriage solemnized at the Register Office in the District of Norwich in the Counties of Norfolk
When Married. Name and Surname. Age Condition. Rank or Profession Residence at the Time of Marriage Father's Name and Surname Rank or Profession of Father

Twenty Fourth December 1863

Henry Carrington 20 years Bachelor Gardener Grove Place, Lakenham John Carrington Gardener
Phoebe Smith 20 years Spinster Fur Clipper Holls Brewery John Smith Gardener
Married in the Register Office by certificate before me John Oddin Taylor, Registrar
This marriage was solemnized between us Henry Carrington In the Presence of us John Shearman
P. Smith Harriett Smith

In 1871 he was the head of the household with his wife Phoebe, living in Holls Brewery Street, still in Norwich. There was a William Carrington, possibly his father, living in the house as a boarder. They had three children at this time, Henry, Frederick, and James Carrington

He was registered to vote in:

  • 1870,1871,1872,1873 at Brewery Lane,
  • 1876,1877,1880 at Richmond Hill,
  • 1885,1887,1889 at 6 Providence Place, Richmond Hill,
  • 1890,1891,1892,1893 at 6 Foulger's Opening (Ber Street), Richmond Hill,
  • 1895,1896 at 12 Foulger's Opening,
  • 1896, 1897,1898,1899,1900,1901,1902 at 11 Kensington Row, Halls Road. From 1900 the records will be for his son Henry.
  • 1905,1909,1910 at 11 Kensington Road, Queen's Road.
  • 1910,1914,1915 at 89 City Road (William Chettleburgh was at 115 City Road).

He was listed in the 1881 and 1891 censes as being a starch miller. This was likely to have been in the factories of J&J Colman (the famous Mustard manufacturer - starch was also produced there in large quantities). These were at the Carrow works on the river about half a mile to the east of where he lived in 1881 and 1891.


The full list (as far as we know) of his children is:

Child's Name D.O.B. D.O.C. Occupation D.O.M. D.O.D
Henry Carrington 1 Feb 1864 16 Oct 1865 (St Marks, Lakenham) Stone Dresser
Frederick Carrington 9 Jan 1866 1 Dec 1869 (St Marks, Lakenham)
James Carrington 2 Jan 1868 1 Dec 1869 (St Marks, Lakenham) Painter Dec 1897, Dec 1909 7th October 1917
William Carrington 1 Oct 1871 8 Nov 1871 (St Marks, Lakenham) Mustard Miller
Katie Elizabeth Carrington 17 Oct 1873 13 Dec 1873 (St Marks, Lakenham)
Mary Ann Lucas Carrington 18 Feb 1876 7 Mar 1876 (St John de Sepulchre) Dressmaker
Eliza Carrington 26 June 1878 22 Aug 1878 (St John de Sepulchre) <1901
Gertrude Carrington 27 Jan 1881 5 Apr 1881 (St John de Sepulchre)

Henry, Frederick, William, James and Katie are all listed as being born/Christened at St Marks, Norwich, their residence is Holl's Brewery, and their father's occupation is gardener, until Katie when he is a labourer.

Mary Ann, Eliza and Gertrude were christened at St John De Sepulchre, and their residence was given as Richmond Hill (for Mary Ann it is Wellington Terrace, Richmond Hill). Their father Henry was listed as a labourer.

In 1886 Henry Carrington junior married Sarah Ann Edridge in Norwich, Norfolk. I assume that his this is the 22 year old son.

In 1867 a Sarah Ann Ettridge (or Eddrige) was born in Wayland, Norfolk.

In 1891 Henry Carrington junior married Emma Bunting in Norwich, Norfolk and was listed in the 18911901 census living with her..


By the time of James Carrington's marriage to Phoebe Chettleburgh in 1909 Henry was deceased, and his job had been listed as a gardener. Perhaps he had become a gardener after retiring from the Starch Milling. In fact, he must have been dead as early as 1901, as that year's census lists Phoebe as a widow.

A Henry Carrington died in April-June in 1900 in Norwich, Norfolk, he was 56, which means it is likely to be our Henry Carrington (Norwich, 4b, 103)

Other Information

Birth was registered in Jan-Feb-Mar 1845 in Mitford District, Norfolk (XIII, 230,231)

Certificate above was from page 231, but I'm not sure why the index has entries for both p230 and p231!


More unsorted information (about Henry junior and the Buntings):

1 William Bunting

Birth: 1831, Attleborough Norfolk

Occ: Farmer 43 acres

Spouse: Mary Ann

Birth: 1832, Eaton Norfolk

Children: Eliza (1856-)

           William (1857-)
           Mary Ann (1860-)
           Henry (1866-)
           Emma (1863-)
           Frederick Walter (1870-)
           Thomas G (1873-)

1.1 Eliza Bunting

Birth: 1856, Fornsett St Peters

1.2 William Bunting

Birth: 1857, Fornsett St Peters

Occ: Miller & Farmer 12 acres

Spouse: Mary

Birth: 1857, Wattlefield Norfolk

1.3 Mary Ann Bunting

Birth: 1860, Fornsett St Peters

1.4 Henry Bunting

Birth: 1866, Fornsett St Peters

1.5 Emma Bunting

Birth: 1863, Fornsett St Peters

Birth: 1863, Fornsett St Peters

Spouse: Henry Carrington

Birth: 1864, Norwich Norfolk

Father: Henry Carrington (1845-)

Mother: Phoebe (1846-)

Marr: 6 1891, Norwich Norfolk

Children: Emma (1892-)

           Henry (1893-)
           Dorothy F (1897-)
           Gladys M (1901-)

1.5.1 Emma Carrington

Birth: 1892, Fornsett St Peters Norfolk

1.5.2 Henry Carrington

Birth: 1893, Fornsett St Peters Norfolk

1.5.3 Dorothy F Carrington

Birth: 1897, Fornsett St Peters Norfolk

1.5.4 Gladys M Carrington

Birth: 2 1901, Fornsett St Peters Norfolk

1.6 Frederick Walter Bunting

Birth: 1870, Fundenhall Norfolk

Birth: 1870, Fundenhall Norfolk

Spouse: Eliza Carrington

Birth: 1879, Norwich Norfolk

Father: Henry Carrington (1845-)

Mother: Phoebe (1846-)

Marr: 3 1900, Norwich Norfolk

1.7 Thomas G Bunting

Birth: 1873, Fundenhall Norfolk