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Hedley James Francis was born in an RAF hospital in Nocton Hall on the 30th July 1969.

His parents are Terry Francis and Pauline Francis.

Since then he has lived in such places as Melton Mowbray (Leicestershire?), Ramstein (Germany x2), St Ives (Cambridgeshire?), Rhosneigr (Anglesey), Linton-upon-Ouse (Yorkshire), Amlwch (Anglesey x2), Leicester (x3), Wiltshire, and Cambridge (x3). Despite the average house-life of less than two years he doesn't actually like moving...

He is married to Fenella Francis, must try to remember that his wedding anniversary is 23 July 1994, and has three children, Derwent, Kielder, and Miranda.

He currently works for a design company in Cambridge.

His latest hobby is genealogy, which two weeks ago overturned his previous two week long hobby of local history. Ho hum.

As a child Here I am on a hill...

Driving Lessons Here is my first, and last, driving lesson with my mum. That's Harvey inspecting the damage (virtually none - my anecdote involves an indicator bulb being broken when it was dragged off, but I can't remember if that was true or not). I suspect that that puddle near the rear of the car is petrol...

And yes that is a genuine example of a Marina van.