Eliza Sophia Thomas

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Born: Died: Married: Robert Chick Bartlett Mother: Father: Descendant: Matthew Thomas Bartlett
Census 1841 1851 1861 1871 1881 1891 1901 1911 1921



Eliza Sophia Thomas married Robert Chick Bartlett on the 27th September 1809 at Honiton on Otter, Devon (Honiton Parish Register, NMI).


Robert Bartlett (Gentleman) had the following children with Elizabeth Sophia:

  • Eliza Sophia Bartlett - c.3 May 1813, Axminster
  • Matthew Thomas Bartlett - c.3 May 1813, Axminster
  • Robert Chick Bartlett - c.3 May 1813, Axminster, buried 11 Feb 1867 aged 47 of 20 Glasgow Terrace, Pimlico.
  • Susanna Bartlett - c.5 May 1814, Axminster
  • John Motley Bartlett - c.25 Dec 1815, Axminster
  • Paul Henry Bartlett - c.Nov 1819, Axminster
  • John Gethin Bartlett - c.25 Jun 1821, Axminster
  • Mary Ann Bartlett - c.12 May 1823, Axminster
  • Thomas Bradford Bartlett - c.2 Sep 1836, Axminster (father now deceased)
  • Eliza Lucy Bartlett - c.19 Dec 1836, Seaton & Beer (possibly daughter of Robert Chick Bartlett jnr.)

On the night of 6 June 1841 Eliza is widowed and living with three of her children in Axminster.


PROB 11: Will registers 1841-1844 Piece 1962: Vol: 7, Quire numbers 301-350 (1842).

This is the last Will and testament of me Eliza Sophia Bartlett of Axminster in the county of Devon widow first I give and bequeath all my wearing and other apparel jewels trinkets and ornaments of my person to my daughter Mary Anne Bartlett. And ??? my plate to be divided amougst such of my children to whom I shall not have given any part thereof in my lifetime in equal shares.

Also I give devise and bequeath unto my son Matthew Thomas Bartlett of Grave/Eastthrieth??? Street in the City of London Gentleman and Charles Benjamin Turner?Turfer? of Chard in the county of Somerset Gentleman their heirs and assigned all my accession? right of patronage and presentment of and to the Rectory> and parish church of Saint Pancras Alias Saint Pancras Rousdon alias Panyacoss? in the county of Devon upon trust that they the said Matthew Thomas Bartlett and Charles Benjamin Turner and the survivor of them his heirs apigus? shall and so present my son Robert Cheek Bartlett to the said church when the same shall botonic? vacant by the death consignation or resignation of the Reverend Richard Southrott Hallett the present incumbent thereof if my son Robert Cheek Bartlett shall be qualified and willing of anopling? and holding the said Benefice but in case of his death or in case he may not be qualified or coquire to be presented to the same then in trust the they the said Matthew Thomas Bartlett and Charles Benjamin Turner and the survivor of them his heirs of assigns shall and do present my youngest son Thomas Bradford Bartlett in case he shall be then alive and be qualified and willing to be presented to the same but in case he shall not be qualified and in due time then upon trust to present thereto some fit person unaa?