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Born: 2 Nov 1911 Died: 8th April 1994 Married: Beryl Allfrey Mother: Phoebe Chettleburgh Father: James Carrington Descendant:
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Geoff as a child (bottom left)

James Geoffrey (Geoff) Carrington was born on the second November 1911 at 47 Southwell road, Norwich. His parents were James Carrington (a licensed victualler) and Phoebe Annie Chettleburgh. His parents were pictured holding him and his sister Maud.

He was baptised on the 5th May 1912 at St Mark's Church, Lakenham, Norwich. His family was still living at 47 Southwell Road, and his father was a Licensed Victualler.

His mother Phoebe died tragically of Tuberculosis aged only 31 on the 28th of November 1915, when Geoff was 4, and she was buried at Old Lakenham Churchyard on December 4th, 1915.

His father James died less than two years after his wife on the 7th October 1917 at 47 Southwell Road at the age of 49, also from Tuberculosis.

Geoff was orphaned at the age of 5 (almost 6).

In 1921 he was at Hatton Hall, Wellingborough, Northamptonshire. He was listed as Geoffrey J. Carrington, inmate of the home, aged 10 years and 7 months, with both parents dead. His birthplace was listed as Brook, Norfolk. The home took boys from the age 8 to 15.

Later he was sent to the Eastby Sanatorium in North Yorkshire (Bradford Poor Law Sanatorium at Eastby nr Skipton, which opened 3rd Nov 1903 with 33 beds). Later it turned into a boys home.

When the sanatorium turned into an orphanage the lady who bought it also lived at an estate at Kirkconnel Hall, Ecclefechan near Lockerbie in Scotland (DG11 3JH), and because of this connection after Eastby Geoff was sent to work there in the forestry.

Kirkconnel Hall has since become a hotel, and Geoff later went on holiday there, although he never mentioned to his children that he had once worked there.

Mr H. Arnoth Collington from Kirkconnel Hall subsequently wrote a reference (scan here) for Geoff:

KirkConnel Hall, 
I have known Geoffrey Carrington for some years & since May 1932 
he has worked for me. Firstly as Assistant to the Estate Foremen, 
during which time he had a plot of ground which he cultivated as 
a flower garden with great success. Since March 1933 he has had 
the charge of the whole garden, vegetable & flower with lawn, 
paths, etc.

He has given me great satisfaction. His vegetables were excellent 
& he got prizes for peas and runners at a local show.

I have great pleasure in recommending him as a steady, industrious 
& conscientious worker and I wish him every success in any work he 
H. Arnoth Collington


He married Beryl Allfrey and had three daughters Pauline Anne, Hazel Joy, and Sylvia Jean.

In 1939 Geoffrey J. Carrington (birthday 2nd November 1911, occupation gardener) was living at 127 Havelock Road , Brighton C.B., Sussex, England, with the Groves family.

Also in the house was:

  • Frederick W. Groves (born 8th April 1882, electric train driver)
  • Dorothy M Groves(Kirtlan) (born 12 May 1897, state registered nurse)
  • A closed entry
  • Anne Barnett (4 Dec 1866, Unpaid domestic duties, widowed)
  • Kate Peacock (16 Feb 1860, Incapacitated, widowed).

World War II

Geoff, fifth on the ground from the left

We don't know much about his time in the war. At the start of the war he was an ARP. Then he was a mechanic on aircraft. His service number was 1294371, but that doesn't seem to turn up much information.

In 1944 he sent Beryl a letter from Fairwood Common in Swansea (now Swansea Airport), he says that he is being moved to Northumberland at RAF Milfield, between Alnwick and Berwick-upon-Tweed.

Post War

Family narrative says that while in Brighton he built the rockery at Preston Park.

He lived at Studley College in Studley Warwickshire where he was a lecturer. It had a horticultural college and an agricultural college.

He didn't go back to Norfolk until around 1949, when he took his family to live at Broad Farm, Hassingham, working for the Norfolk County Council horticultural station as a lecturer. This was very rural and didn't have electricity or running water (it came from a pump), and Beryl had to cook on a paraffin stove.

In 1950 at the examination for the National Diploma in Horticulture with Honours he (and two others) were awarded the N.D.H. (Hons)

In around 1956 he moved to 74 Spinney Road, Thorpe St Andrew, Norwich. They built two schools at the end of the road, Pauline was the first head girl at the new school - Thorpe Secondary Modern School.


74 Spinney Road, Norwich

Geoff died on the 8th April 1994. He was living at 74 Spinney Road, Thorpe, Norwich, Norfolk.

Probate was at Brighton on the 26th April, not exceeding £125,000 (most people's probate said: not exceeding £125,000).