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Born: Died: Married: Sarah Clarke Mother: Sarah Chettleburgh Father: Descendant: Phoebe Chettleburgh
Census 1841 1851 1861 1871 1881 1891 1901 1911 1921

William Chettleburgh was born in Lakenham, Norwich around 1838 (from the 1871, 1881, and 1891 censuses). His mother was Sarah Chettleburgh, but his father is unknown.


There is a record of a William Chettleburgh born on the 30 November 1837, and subsequent christening on the 3 December 1837 in Saint John De Sepulchre, Norwich to a Sarah Chettleburgh, his father unknown.

Saint John De Sepulchre isn't quite Lakenham as such, although it is on the correct side (South) of Norwich to Lakenham. The streets that it would cover today are around Ber Street (Surrey Street, Mariners Lane, Horn's Lane, Lily Terrace, Foulgar's opening, Thorn Lane, Roen road, Finkelgate) extending to the city walls.

However, we do know for certain that his uncle was also called William Chettleburgh as when he retired he lived with his nephew (again from the 1881 and 1891 censuses).


William's first marriage was to Susan Middleton on Christmas day 1858 in St Mark's church in Lakenham. At this time he was a "labourer" and Susan "works at the factory", and they both lived in Lakenham. In the marriage registration her father was given as John Middleton, a "weaver", but his father's entry was left blank. The witnesses were George Dye and Sarah Middleton. Susan was born in Swainsthorpe, Norfolk in 1838.

Subsequently he married Sarah Ann Clarke on the 10th December 1877 at the Norwich registry office. The entry of marriage lists William as a 39 year old widower, who worked as a starch labourer, and lived near the factory in Lakenham. Sarah Ann was 32 years old, a spinster who worked as a laundress. She lived in Ber Street in Saint John Sepulchre. Her father was John Clarke, a farm labourer, who also witnessed the marriage along with Mary Ann Clarke.

By the 1881 census they were still living in Lakenham.


Between the three of them they had 11 children,

  • Mary A (~1867)
  • William (~1870)
  • George (~1872)
  • Charles (~1873)
  • Walter (1878)
  • Ellen (1879)
  • Robert Edward (1881)
  • Alice (1882)
  • Phoebe Annie (1883)
  • Anna (~1885)
  • Edward A (~1890).

In the 1901 census there is an another Robert who was born in around 1888, but he is not mentioned in the 1891 census.

He was listed as a general labourer, and then when he was older as a licensed victualler. He was occupying a pub called the Cricketer's Arms in 1891, and is still listed as a publican at this address in the 1901 census (although the name of the pub in not mentioned there). It is likely that he continued in this occupation until at least 1909. The Kelly's directory for 1900 and 1904 list him as the victualler in charge of the "Cricket's Arms" in Lindley Street (or City Road - it is on the corner).

William Chettleburgh was registered in Norwich dying in Q1 1921 at the age of 83 (death index, Q1 1921, Norwich, vol 4b p163) .

Other information

We originally suspected that before that he may have occupied the Champion public house, however this turned out to be a separate (I can't yet say unrelated!) William Chettleburgh.

The 1881 census shows several other William Chettleburgh's along side our William, so we can exclude them from our birth record searches.

One was born on Topcroft in ~1839, one William Norris Chettleburgh was born in Thorpe in ~1839 and one was born in Norwich in ~1836


On April 1855 Three tenements in Thorpe Hamlet, adjoining the road leading from the Plumstead Road to Thorpe were sold. They were in the occupation of Wm. Chettleburgh, James Brothers, and Wm. Dye.

In 1853 two defendants were charged with obtaining a cart with false pretenses from Sarah Chettleburgh of Thorpe Hamlet (by deceiving her sister)

1853 - Mary Ann Chettleburgh (16) pleaded guilty to a charge of stealing on the 31st August, at Thorpe St Andrew, three sovereigns and six half sovereigns, the property ofRobert Thurston. Sentenced to six months imprisonment.

22 June 1844 - Saturday last, at the house of his brother in law, Mr F. Starr, or Bracondale, Robert, only son of the late Mr. Root. Chettleburgh, late of St Peters Mancroft, in this city, aged 31, leaving a widow and four children to lament their early and melancholy bereavement.