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Born: Died: Mar 1858 Married: John Francis Mother: Father: Descendant: William Francis
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Jane Ashby was born in Nuffield in around 1780.


She married John Francis a blacksmith in the parish of Nuffield, Oxfordshire, on the 15th June 1811. The witnesses were James Ashby and Elizebeth Turner.

The banns for John Francis and Jane Ashby were read in Nuffield (both of this parish) on the 25th of November and 2nd and 9th of December 1810.

John Francis of this Parish and Jane Ashby of this Parish 
were Married in this Church by Banns 
this Fifteenth Day of June in the Year One Thousand Eight Hundred and Eleven 
by me John Pearse rector. 
This Marriage was solemnized between Us 
John Francis & Jane Ashby
In the presence of The Mark X of James Ashby & Elizebeth Turner.


With John she had the following children:

  • Harriet Francis (born circa 1811, buried 21st December 1814)
  • William Francis c. 25 Dec 1814
  • Henry Francis (baptised 13th September 1818, buried 12 Feb 1823, Nuffield)

John was listed as a blacksmith in the baptism entries.

On the night of the 6th June 1841 John Francis (54), a blacksmith, is living with his wife Jane (56) at Gangsdown Hill, Nuffield, Oxfordshire. Two doors away lives a William Francis (possibly their son) with his wife Sarah, along with their sons Henry (3), John (2) and William (5 months).

In 1851 Jane was widowed and living with her son William Francis and his family in Gangsdown Hill, Nuffield, Oxfordshire, she was 71 years old.


Jane Francis was buried in Nuffield on the 27th March 1858 at the age of 79.

Other records

Other Records

  • Marriage: Nuffield: Thomas Ashby to Mary Hubey on the 8th Dec 1765 (Richard Wise, John Frances witnesses)
  • Banns in Nuffield: James Ashby and Anne Gill of Nettlebed on the 18,25 July and 1st August 1813
  • Baptism in Nuffield: John Ashby, son of James (farmer) and Anne Ashby on the 3rd September 1815
  • Baptism in Nuffield: Jane Ashby, daughter of James (Farmer) and Anne Ashby on the 16th February 1817
  • Baptism in Nuffield: James Ashby, daughter of James (Farmer) and Anne Ashby on the 21st March 1819
  • Burial: Henry Francis son of John and Jane Francis in Nuffield on the 12th February 1823 at age 4 years and six months.
  • Burial: An Elizabeth Francis from Rotherfield Greys was buried in Nuffield on the 15th May 1858 at the age of 64.
  • Burial: James Ashby was buried in Nuffield on the 1st April 1828 at age 39. Possibly her brother?
  • Burial: Mary, wife of Thomas Ashby in Nuffield on the 17th April 1814 at age 73. Possibly her mother?
  • Burial: Thomas Ashby was buried in Nuffield on the 22nd December 1816 at the age of 77. Possibly her father?