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Born: Died: March 1829 Married: Ursula Sarah Brown Mother: Ann Dawney Father: Francis Englehart Descendant: Nathaniel Engleheart

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George Engleheart married Ursula Sarah Brown and was the father of Nathaniel Brown Engleheart. George was a world renowned miniaturist, who painted George III 25 times.

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His father was Francis Englehart and his mother was Ann Dawney, the family changed the spelling of their surname from the German manner when Francis died.


George married twice, first to Elizabeth Brown (1775), and then to her sister Ursula Sarah Brown (1781).

Marriage of George and Elizabeth

On the 14th February 1775 at St George, Hanover Square, George Engleheart married Elizabeth Brown of the parish of St James Westminster.

The witnesses were: Nathaniel Brown, John Dillman Engleheart, Francis Engleheart, Sophia Stewart, Sarah Baynes, Mary Woolley, Ursula Brown.

However Elizabeth died four years later in 1779 at the age of only 26. The original inscription on the family vault read:

Also Mrs. Elizabeth Wife of Mr. George Englehart, died 29th April 1779, in the 26th year of her age.

He married Ursula Sarah Brown on the 27th May 1781 (license obtained 17 May 1781)

George and Ursula

At the time of the marriage, Ursula's father Nathaniel Brown is deceased, and so her guardian is John Dillman Engleheart, he is one of the witnesses along with Jane Woolley.

A George Engleheart married an Elizabeth Issac in 1801 at St George, Hanover Square.


Possible children:

  • Amelia Engleheart daughter of George and Caroline Engleheart (b. 24 Apr 1772 c. 17 May 1772) St George, Hanover Square.
  • George Engleheart son of George and Ursula Sarah Engleheart (b.9 Nov 1786, c.6 Dec 1786, d.1833) St George, Hanover Square. Became Lieutenant Colonel in the East India Company.
  • Emma Engleheart daughter of George and Ursula Sarah Engleheart (b.5 Mar 1788, c.1 Apr 1788) St George, Hanover Square
  • Nathaniel Brown Engleheart son of George and Ursula Sarah Engleheart (b.13 May 1790, c.11 Jun 1790) St George, Hanover Square. Became a Proctor at the Doctors Commons.
  • Henry Engleheart son of George and Ursula Sarah Engleheart (b.22 Jan 1801, c.14 Feb 1801) St George, Hanover Square. Became a Reverend.

There is also a Paul and Elizabeth Engleheart giving birth to children in the same period in St George, Hanover Square. And also a Francis and Ann Engleheart.


George Engleheart died in 1829 at the age of 78. He was buried on the 28th March 1829 at St Anne (Anglican) Kew, Surrey.

Probate was given to Nathaniel B. Engleheart of Doctor Commons v2 p250.

Another George Engleheart was buried in the same parish in 1833 (probably his son).