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Beryl Carrington was born Beryl Violet Nash Allfrey on the 25th August 1918, in or near Brighton, Sussex.

Her parents were Ernest Frank Allfrey and Violet Richardson.

On the 12th July 1932, the Mid-Sussex times reported that she ran the fortune-telling stall at the Baronscourt school at Burgess Hill.

On the 29th October 1932, she was a bridesmaid at the wedding of her grandmother's daughter Thora Bradford (see Mary Wells for the news report).

She married Geoff Carrington and had three daughters Pauline, Hazel, and Sylvia.

Here is Beryl dyeing some cloth (centre of left picture), and as a young girl (right picture, source JPA):

Note: Beryl sometimes signed her self Auntie Violet in order not to get confused with her nephew John Allfrey's mother's sister, also called Aunt Beryl.

In 1939 she was living with her family at 21, Mile Oak Gardens, Portslade-by-Sea U.D., Sussex, England.

  • Frank E. Richardson, born 18 March 1896, Body Builder (Motor)
  • Violet G. Richardson, born 21st February 1896, Unpaid Domestic Duties.
  • Ernest F. Allfrey, born 31 January 1894, Milk Recorder at present assistant to local fuel o server
  • Beryl V.N. Carrington (overwrites Allfrey), born 25th August 1918, Shop Assistant/wool.
  • closed entry (born after 1914)

She died in 1991 at age 73 (Reg. Q4, 1991, Norwich, v.10, p.1980).

Beryl Allfrey (Reverse: Born Aug 25th. 1918, 1 yr 1month old)